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The car bugging device looks like a standard phone charger.

The car bugging device is inside the mobile phone charger, so nobody would suspect it’s a GSM listening device. The car bugging device allows you to call in & monitor conversations. Once connected, you listens in to sound in the immediate area, as if they were sitting in the car.

Two USB ports for convenience.

Two USB ports allow the user to charge a phone or any mobile device, so it works just like any standard charger. Stealth by design, so no one will suspect the car charger is a GSM bugging device. Ideal for monitoring the movement of a car & listening in to live audio in the vehicle.

The sim card is hidden behind a plastic cover, flush & smooth, located in the side of the USB chargers casing. Hidden away, any user would not give it a second glance, moreover most people are happy to have a phone charger in the car & will use it regardless.

car bugging device cigar lighter
Car charger bugging device size

Mobile coverage.

Operating on most mobile networks, the car bugging device offers good connectivity to the cell network, like a mobile phone. Both GSM and GPRS services are available to the user. The bug has tracking capability, actioned by GSM triangulation, so it’s not quite as accurate as our dedicated car tracker? But having the ability to track over GPRS is still quite a nice bonus feature for a listening device.

GSM tracking capability.

Track the location of the device from your mobile phone in real time. Once you load the free app, you will be able to see the rough location of the device on the screen of your smartphone. Please note cell mast triangulation does not offer the same accuracy as a premium vehicle tracking devices.

Spycraft UK global surveillance equipment
car bugging device cigar lighter

Tracking location data is compiled by the cell network, EG: Cell masts in an urban location offer better accuracy & location performance. Fewer cell masts in a rural location offer less accuracy for location performance. The tracking system is a bonus feature on this device, the main purpose is listening into conversations in the car.

Covert bugging device.

The bugging device is inside the USB charger & it works like a regular USB car charger for a mobile phone.  You charge any USB gadgets or mobile in the regular way. The bug’s battery charges by the car’s cigarette lighter.

Sound activation mode.

What is sound activation mode?

The advanced bugging device offers sound activation mode triggered by voice audio. Moreover you can call & listen in at any time, but sound activation mode is great for surveillance convenience. In sound activation mode, the device will call your phone to alert you that there is an active conversation, or as soon as sound is detected. The car bugging device adds to your car security too? EG if a car door is opened or closed, or a window broken, you will be notified on your mobile phone.

Sound activation mode calls you as it picks up sound.

  • In sound activation mode, the bugging device calls your phone as soon as it hears voices or sound.
  • Sound activation mode is switched on & off by sending a text message (Simple control).
  • For sound activation mode to work, the sim card must have data / credit added, so the sim can call out.
  • You do not need to have credit on the sim card to call into the device and listen.
  • Disconnected from the cigar lighter, stand by time is approximately one day, call time is around two hours.
  • Connected to the cigarette lighter the device is permanently powered, offering infinite call time & standby.

Sensitive microphone for clarity.

Utilising a sensitive microphone makes listening to voice audio much clearer. The product has a sim card already installed, rendering the bugging device ideal for monitoring any vehicle. A new high gain antenna offers better connectivity and reliable connection, as long as there’s mobile phone coverage.

Covert car charger & bugging device.

Two USB ports The sim card is hidden away behind a cover not obvious to the user. There are no LED’s to draw attention to the device. For all intents & purposes the USB cigar charger looks like a regular car charger, ideal for covert surveillance tasks in the car.

Hard to spot.

  • The car bugging device would not raise suspicion, if given as a gift.
  • Most people might charge their phone without giving it a second thought.
  • Programmable voice notification by SMS doubles up as a raw GPS tracking device.
  • Two USB ports in a car are very useful. Most people would welcome such a gadget to charge their phone.


  • Locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.
  • GSM dual positioning.
  • Accuracy within 3-5 metres.
  • Clear audio conversations.
  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Dual port USB car charger.
  • User Manual.

Quick download tracking app, scan with your phones Qr code scanner.

car tracking device

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Sim card

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Tech Specs

  • Charging input Input AC110-220v 50/60hz.
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • The charging output: Output DC5.0V 300-500ma.
  • Battery: 3.7 V 400mah Li – ion.
  • Standby time: 12 days. Working time 4 to 6 days.
  • Expansion card; Mini TF card.
  • Talk: 150-180 minutes.
  • Format: GSM/GPRS.
  • Storage temperature: – 40 ° C to + 85 ° C.
  • Working temperature – 20 ° C to + 55 ° C.
  • Humidity range 5% – 95% non – condensing.
  • GPRS: Upload 60, TCP/IP.
  • Working voltage: 3.4-4.2 V DC.
  • Standby current: : material 2.5mA.
  • Call acoustic current: material 30ma.
  • Current material 150ma.
  • GSM positioning time: 25 seconds.

Operating instructions

Quick set up & info.

Your tracking device will arrive pre-set for both platform tracking and SMS tracking by google. The tracking device also allows you to call into it and listen to live audio / conversations in the car. The free server application is owned by a third party.

Spycraft are not able to influence the supplier’s platform. It is a good service and mostly free to use. You can also program the tracking device to work with your smartphone and Google maps. In this mode the tracker sends you locations by SMS message with a direct google maps link.

There are various settings of the tracking device that can be adjusted by you, depending on how you want the device to perform. All settings are changed by sending a text message with the relevant codes, listed below.

Sim card:
The tracker, in most cases will have a sim card pre installed, there is a small cover that can be clipped into the side of the tracker to cover the sim card slot. There is a sticker too, should you want to add to the device? If the small cover is not fixed in place you can see the sim card, gently push the cover into the fitting to cover the sim card if not already fitted.

To remove the cover, if required to change sim card etc, Gently use a sharp razor blade to pry open the cover without marking the devices. Once you see a slight opening use a fingernail to gently pop the cover off. Now you can push the sim card with your finger nail, and it will spring out of its cartridge. Replacing the sim card is done in the same way.

Using your tracking device on the tracker platform:
Found on the box and on the side of the tracking device, keep this number for future reference.

User Name: (ID number on tracker barcode.) 
Password: 123456

If registering to use the service online, please use  these credentials above to login and access the platform. Some controls on the platform will not work with your device model, but it does offer a very good mapping system free. 

Setting up your device by your smartphone:

1) Set control number:The number of your phone that you want to control the tracking device from.

Send an SMS messege to the trackers phone number. (The trackers phone number can be found on the sim card packet. The body og the text messege should be as below.

Command: Number+pass+blank+serial
Sample SMS message body: 077567856780000 1
07756785678 is your mobile number, 0000 is password, 1 means the first control number to store.

When the tracker replies “SET OK” this confirms the setting is ok. You can set the second and third control number also by following above and changing the last number to 2 or 3 depending on how many numbers you want to use.

Deleting a control number: This is done by sending a text message below, where the first command in the list would delete the first saved control number D101#  sending this message would delete the first number.

Delete control number:
D101# (delete the first control number)
D102# (delete the second control number)
D103# (delete the third control number)

Tip: you must set a control number by your phone to use the audio listen in function?

Voice Monitor: (listen in mode)
Send SMS command body of text message: 66
The tracker will call back to that control number. You can now call the tracker and listen into audio live.

Tip: Like all GPS tracking systems there are some very subtle LEDs to help you manage the device operation, not having an LED is very problematic if you’re trying to get something to work? If you look at the top of one USB port you will see a tiny LED that flashes blue, you will not see this LED flash at all if a USB cable is inserted into the USB port.

APN settings: (Mobile phone provider)
Setting an APN is good for the tracking devices operation & performance. In most cases we send out the tracker with a Lebara sim card provided, the APN is set for Lebara, see an example below so you may change sim card and APN if required. Your tracking device likely comes with a Lebara sim card pre-installed, but you must set the APN from your control number as shown above, set up a control number first, see above.

Setting the APN: (No username or password)
Command: 803+password+Blank+APN
EG send a text message with the body: 8030000
(Please note the space between the number & the APN)

The tracker will reply:
Set ok (Please wait for a minuet or twoo to receive the reply)
If you do not receive a reply, make sure the sim card in the tracker is powered up and has network coverage in the area where you are)

(OR if your service providers sim requires a username & password)

Setting an APN with a user and password:
Command: 803+password+Blank+APN+Blank+APNuser+Blank+APNpass
EG send a text message with the body: 8030000 WAP WAP
(Please note the space between the number  APN  username  password)

The tracker will reply:  Set ok (Please wait for a minuet or twoo to receive the reply)
If you do not receive a reply, make sure the sim card in the tracker is powered up and has network coverage in the area where you are)

Please refer to the PDF document here for further instructions and operation.   ( View PDF )

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