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FAQ Customer help & technical support.

Common questions.

Please scroll down information to common questions, our FAQ Customer help page, will resolve most issues you may be experiencing. If all fails then please get in touch, so we can troubleshoot any queries or issues.

  • How do I create an account?
  • Creating an account only takes a few moments, please go to the login page and create your account, you can also automatically be given an account at checkout, should you want to have one, during your checkout experience. You do not need an account to purchase from our store.

How do I change my shipping address?

  • Your shipping address is located on your order and on the check out page, you can also view delivery details if you have an account. You can open an account at any time. You can also provide an alternative shipping address during check out.
  • Who do we use for shipping?
  • We deliver worldwide usually with DHL, UPS, and Royal Mail. Please note delivery times vary depending on service as does the cost. You can request a specific delivery agent before purchase should you prefer to select that before you purchase, you can also add a note on delivery requesting a specific server at the point of sale when you check out.

Will you keep my credit card information on file?

  • Our shopping cart only uses credit card details during purchasing, the credit card information is passed to the processing agent / bank, and the data is fully encrypted during the process, we do not get to view or store any credit card information. We do not hold customers credit card information, but we do have some order information that is stored for your convenience and for product guarantee and servicing. You may request to have your details removed at any time.
  • Do you charge sales tax?
  • All sales actions on the website will have tax included unless stated otherwise, If you require a VAT invoice then please select this option at checkout or contact us. You will then receive order status notification with VAT information.

What is your returns policy?

  • Spycraft only accepts returns, with an ordered RAM authorisation, you must contact us in the first instance if you believe your item is defective? We can then issue you with a returned authorisation number. Once received we will examine the product, and if it is defective we will issue you a credit note or discuss the options.
  • Shipping costs back to us will be paid for by the customer and reshipping charges will be paid for by us. In the event that the product is not manufactured defective, damaged, abused, broken or damaged from impact or marked, refunds or credit may not be issued. Please read our terms and conditions regarding sales on this web site.

I received the wrong item.

  • Then you should contact us immediately, as soon as you receive the delivery. The packaging should not be open and the product must be returned in exactly the same state as received to constitute none usage. We will not change or refund any product that has been opened, or packaging removed , seals broken, this includes perishable items.
  • All products must be sealed and returned in exactly the same state as received, if a refund is to be actioned. You must return the product within the next working day. You must contact us right away on delivery to inform us of the purchasing error.

Do you ship to my country?

  • Spycraft ships orders worldwide, delivery options are Royal Mail UK, DHL & UPS international. In some instances there may be a further delivery charge but in most cases the delivery charges are the same as listed from the point of checkout.
  • Please note VAT and import duty charges may apply in your country. We can not influence your local import customs * you must pay your customs charges directly if applicable.

My order arrived damaged.

  • Should you receive a damaged order, don’t panic! All the products we shipped are insured and we are also here to help, please get in touch if your delivery is damaged, please also take pictures of the damaged packaging or relevant damage. We will use the images to prove the product was damaged in transit. (All the items we ship are new, we check them at dispatch and package products well so it’s very rare that the items get damaged in transit)

Where should I mail my authorised return?

  • Once we authorise your return you will receive a returned address, we work this way so items being returned do not go to the wrong address or get lost. We are currently operating within Covid rules and restrictions.

Can I change or cancel an order after I’ve submitted it?

  • You can only cancel an order if you have requested to cancel, before the item has physically been sent out or shipped. If an item has already been sent, then we can honour the cancellation but there will be a handling charge and postage and packing fees. The product must be returned as received, sealed in its packaging and unused.
  • To cancel and return the product you should contact us right away to inform us of your cancellation. Please only purchase items you intend to purchase? to avoid unnecessary costs, and be sure you want the product before you buy it?

Can I pre-order an item that is sold out?

  • Yes we run an automated dispatch system for products that are out of stock and on back order.
  • There can sometimes be long delays depending on what product you are selecting to purchase. If you would like to contact us first for a ball park availability time, then please feel free to ask a question. If you are happy to wait, then purchase online and the product will automatically be shipped to you as soon as it’s back in stock.
  • All products show stock numbers, items that are available on backorder state this, next to the add to cart button.

GPS Tracking device.

  • All our GPS tracking devices come fully connected at the point of purchase. If you have purchased your device from us then it is connected and has data preloaded on the sim card. So it is all ready to use from the time you receive it.

Worldwide tracking coverage.

  • All our systems work world wide but we recommend, in the first instance, to allow us to configure the device for global usage. EG if you purchase the tracker from us with a UK sim card, it will work fine in the EU and UK, however if it goes into an international location, EG America USA, then it may exhaust sim card credit, due to international roaming costs.
  • There are options for international usage so please let us know when you’re purchasing so we can select the right low cost sim card solution for you. This will also avoid disruption to the trackers performance.

Connect your GPS tracker to use the service.

  • Currently we support most of the common GPS tracking systems, EG: GL200, GL300, GL300w, MT100, and more.
  • To connect your tracking device is easy, contact us and we will get some information from you related to the device, once we have some specifics, we will configure your tracking device remotely.  There is no charge for this service.
  • Once the tracking device is on our system and working, we will then require a subscription.
  • We offer free sim cards if required, and even preload them with data in advance should you request.

My GPS tracker is not updating the mapping?

There are a few different reasons why your tracker may not be sowing an up to date location on the mapping screen.

FAQ & Solutions.

  • Add data credit to your tracker’s sim card if it’s “Pay as you go” This can be done in a number of ways, the best way to top up credit is online. You can go directly to the provider’s web site and top up with a credit card or by other top up methods.
  • Please ensure your tracking device is fully powered up, so press the power button for a few seconds until you see all the LEDs are flashing.
  • Make sure your tracker has power, by plugging it into the charger and allowing the device to show a fully charged LED status, this is normally a permanent red LED, “not flashing”, once the device is fully charged.
  • Your tracking device works inside buildings but may also not work inside a house depending on location, in some cases your tracker may not update the mapping until it is moved outside.
  • Please make sure you position the tracking device in a location on the vehicle, so as not to have metal in front of the device’s antenna?
  • The GPS antenna on our tracking products is located on the same side as the devices LED’s.
  • GPS tracking devices perform much better if the antenna does not have metal in front.
  • EG: If the tracker is in the boot of a car, it should still work, although, if it is under the spare wheel in the boot, then you may get location inaccuracies or no performance.
  • If the tracking device is magnetically attached under the car’s chassis, then the GPS antenna “LED’s” should face the road surface, so the GPS reception can be bounced off the road and received well by the tracker.

If you have confirmed everything in this section and are still having difficulty then please get in touch.

How does your tracker work?

A tracking system relies on three major components.

  • Internet connectivity.
  • Air time provider EG mobile services.
  • (GPS) Global Positioning network.

GPS network.

  • Let’s consider the GPS network, free to anyone who wants to use it, at the moment?
  • Your tracker must receive GPS signals before it can know its location. (Hence not hiding it to deeply in a car where it will not receive GPS)
  • The device will not send location data if it can not find it? moreover the device cant send fresh location data over the cell network if it can not connect to the cell services?

Cellular network (Mobile connectivity)

  • Your tracker has a sim card inside it, the sim card is utilised, for sending GPS location data received by the GPS network, to the internet.
    Don’t hide your tracker so deep in pallets of goods or a vehicle. Find a place that’s a compromise between the two requirements, hiding and connectivity.
  • If you have no data or credit on your sim card then the tracker / system can not send fresh location data to the internet. Moreover if your tracker’s sim card can not connect to the GPRS services / internet then any new / fresh location data collected by GPS can not be sent over the service to the internet.
  • Make sure your tracker sim card is topped up or has credit, again don’t hide it so deep in boxes or in a vehicle, where there is no phone service?

Providers & mobile phone companies.

  • Sometimes there can be cell mast outages or system down time, just like any service. EG sometimes your phone can not connect to the internet or you cant make calls.
  • This does not happen too often but it does happen. In this situation your tracking device will be affected? Your tracking device may have good fresh location data from GPS, but it’s not able to send the data into the internet due to the local cell mast being down, or the provider’s service being out? In this type of situation, all you can do is wait for the services to be restored, your tracker will automatically update as soon as it is able to find a cellular network.
  • Most of our tracker have a redundancy built into them EG, the tracker logs GPS positions and will upload them as soon as it find connectivity, so if the mobile network was down, your tracker is still saving GPS positions in its memory, the locations will be uploaded as soon as the tracker re gains connectivity to the cell networks.
  • Sometimes you just have to wait, and your mapping will update after an outage or failed network is fixed.
  • All data sent into the internet from your tracking device, will find its way to your mapping account, and will update your mapping as soon as received.

GPS tracking subscription.

  • All our dedicated GPS trackers, connected to the service require a subscription.
  • In most cases, if you have purchased a tracking device from us, you will have one months free airtime included with the package at point of sale.
  • If you connect a tracker to our systems that was not purchased from us, it will be automatically added to our system subscription before you can use it.

To set up a subscription or learn more, please go here or contact us through the website contact page. Spycraft pay as you go tracking airtime block payments & subscription

  • Each tracking device is charged at £10 per device per month.
  • This fee included all functions of the service and full support.
  • PayPal is used for the subscription service, you do not have to have a paypal account to use this service.
  • PayPal subscription will allow you to use any credit card, to set up the subscription, so you do not need to have a PayPal account.
  • Cancelation is easy if you have a PayPal account, log into your PayPal and click cancel subscription.
  • If you would like to cancel a subscription on your card through PayPal, but you don’t have a PayPal account, then drop us a line through the contact page of this website and will cancel the subscription for you.

Tracker control credits.

  • What are tracker control credits?
  • A tracker is controlled by you though your server account.
  • If you click the tracker control button and send an update to your device, this costs you one tracker control credit.
  • Each time you send a command to your device to update the time or battery status, you use a credit from your account costing 0.25p GBP.
  • Tracking control credits are charged at 25p GBP per credit. We add 10 credits to every account and you can purchase more “If” you need them?
  • Most of our tracking devices will follow the last command sent, until told otherwise or commanded by you from your server account. EG if you send a command to your tracker to update its location every five minutes, then your tracker will do this forever until commanded otherwise.
  • So there is no great demand for you to purchase lots of tracker control credits, as they are only used to set the tracking device into auto reporting mode once.
  • The tracker then does the rest and uses data from the sim card inside the tracking device.
  • A tracking control credit is also used if you set up a geographical fence EG: an area you want to monitor, that will notify you if your tracking device enters or leaves the area.
  • GEO fences can be set up and deleted by you in your mapping account. deleting unwanted GEO fences is recommended.
  • SOS alerts also use one tracker control credit if actioned.

As a global provider we have to pay for GSM gateways and SMS notifications, it costs us per event, we charge the costs on to each individual user, as a way to be fair to all of our tracking customers and keep operating costs down. Whilst some tracking customers may use lots of tracker control credits, others may not use any, so it is the only way to offer the service to suit all users.

To purchase more tracker control credits click the link Buy Tracker Control Credits for your tracking account (

SOS alerts.

  • Many of our tracking devices have an SOS button, whilst this can not be used if the tracking device is in a magnetic case, the SOS feature is active and can be used outside of a magnetic case by the operator / user.
  • Pressing and holding the SOS button, will send an alert to a specific email address or phone number, with a link to a mapping screen, showing the location of the tracker.
  • The receiver of the link can click and open a map on any device connected to the internet.
  • The receiver does not have to have access or any special software on the mobile device to see the trackers location and receive the alert.
  • To send an SOS alert out, informing somebody that you’re in distress, is achieved by pressing the SOS button on the tracker for a few seconds.
  • Once an SOS alert is sent, it will use one tracking control credit from your account.
  • Please ensure you have credits in your account to support the function.

Tracking history.

  • The service stores all tracking history as standard.
  • There used to be a historical deletion button on the previous system, however we found that many users wanted to record history afterwards, however  it was not possible to do that.
  • The current system does not offer the history delete function but you can request us to delete your tracking history by requesting through the contact page.
  • There is no charge for the service and once done all your previous tracking history will be totally erased.

Please note if you delete your tracking history we can not get it back for you.

Mobile phone tracking app.

  • Browser based, no software required, loads faster on mobile devices. ( Use less data with better touch screen control )

Here are some basic instructions for operating your tracker on your smartphone.

  • Use two fingers on the screen to move the map.
  • Click to zoom in and out, bottom right hand corner of the map screen.
  • Drag the orange man to the map target for Google Street view.
  • Select map or terrain in the top hand side of the map screen.
  • Adjust tracker report interval, click tracker control, select as required and put your password into the box, click send, you tracking device is now updated to your chosen tracking interval (Required one server credit to action)
  • Get a geographical alert fence by clicking the set GeoFence button enter email or cell number then select the desired notification setting EG: one shot means the notification will occur once. (Requires one server credit to action)
  • When using a mobile number, be sure to drop the 0 and use your countries prefix EG: for the (UK  +44)
  • If using an email address please allow some time for email processing?

Viewing traffic on GPS map.

  • Bread crumbs allows you to see all the tracks for one day at once on the map, click the check box for breadcrumbs view and re-click to turn off.
  • To see road traffic status in your mapping screen, click the box marked (show all tracks today) Now zoom in and out of the map screen using the zoom buttons in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Google traffic status will be shown on the roads local to your tracking devices location.

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