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Spycraft spy equipment and services since 1996, experienced specialist in spy electronics & counter surveillance systems.
We provide security electronics to Private customers, VIP clients, large corporate's. Do you need a comprehensive bug sweep solutions or electronic security consultation? Do you have any issues about your private security, explore the truth with science.

Encrypted your mobile phone with our secure messenger APP currently for Android and iPhone comes with military grade encryption over the air, this robust App will stop hackers gathering your sensitive information.

Benefit from reliable GPS tracking service, track vehicle, assets, and people, world-wide, track anything from any internet connected device all included in your fully supported GPS Tracking package. No special software required all browsers based, simple to understand and use. - Cheap to hire or buy.

Need to do some home investigation or catch a cheating spouse, may be you’re a professional investigator and you need a specific type of service or equipment, just get in touch or buy online.

Is somebody spying on you or you're phone?

This basic video demonstrates some simple eavesdropping techniques, explore the tip of the iceberg, nothing in comparison to advanced spy software that may be installed on your phone, did you know somebody can simply look through your camera or take Video / Pictures from the front or back camera on your phone from anywhere in the world remotely & have the data sent directly to their email without your permission, extreme but true! 

The truth is all communications that travel through the air are open to manipulation by hackers in the know; being aware of simple possibilities will enable you to stay safe and protect your privacy.  In a world of growing cybercrime we all need to protect ourselves. Intercepting communications is “illegal” however it is up to you to safeguard yourself.
Watch this video and see some basic hidden hacks that others may be using against you, Robust encryption is not as hard to use or as expensive as you may think.

Truth v Myth - Most free messengers only provide you with entry level protection and should not be trusted if you are serious about your mobile data there are a few options open to you contained within this web site.  Spycraft only provider specialist military grade encryption that’s properly tested and cannot be broken also ideal for diplomatic use. Did you know PGP encryption is not secure

This stylish WIFI camera will connect to your home Wi-Fi router and send you instant movement notifications to your smart phone, benefiting from true high definition imagery and excellent night vision it’s the prefect cctv camera for guaranteed home security, no cloud server costs true P2P streaming with no monthly fees.


Stylish CCTV for your home
with movement notification

home cctv system the ideal camera for home security

Stream live video day or night on your phone.
Ideal for iPhone or Samsung Android.