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Encrypted messenger for Android or iPhone, Military grade encryption over the air, robust application will with stand phone hacking

Spycraft a UK based company trading sins 1996 with over 20 years experience in electronic development, specialist in spy electronics & counter surveillance systems, we provide counter spy equipment & security electronics to private customers, VIP ’s & large corporate's. We also provide equipment & services to the public.

Through our web site we offer access to state-of-the-art counter spy electronics, TSCM & solutions.

Global GPS trackers for vehicle, assets, & people, track world-wide, track anything from as many computers and smart phones as you like all included in your fully supported server account, no special software required all browser based, simple to understand and use.


Is somebody spying on your phone?

Watch this video for basic security, this basic spy check explores the tip of the iceberg, nothing in comparison to advanced spy software that may be installed on your phone, did you know somebody can simply look through your camera or take Video/Pictures from the front or back camera on your phone from anywhere in the world remotely & have the data sent directly to their email without your permission?

The truth is all communications that travel through the air are open to manipulation by hackers in the know, being aware of simple possibilities will enable you to stay safe and protect your privacy.

Intercepting communications is Illegal however it is up to you to safeguard yourself, so watch this video and see some basic hidden hacks that others may be using against you. Robust encryption is not as hard to use or as expensive as you may think.

Most free messengers only provide you with entry level protection and should not be trusted if you are serious about your mobile data there are a few options open to you contained within this web site.

We only provider specialist diplomatic grade encryption that’s properly tested and cannot be broken.

See our Mprime & Epax messenger systems under the encryption link.

Our Android messengers also come with a built in PGP agent allowing communications to other PGP providers outside our private messenger environment. (Did you know PGP encryption is not secure?)