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  • CAM-GX5 modern GSM analyser.

    The CAM-GX5 new generation cellular analyser with 5G  detects all GSM and GPRS surveillance signals, like those utilised by GPS tracking devices.

    CAM-GX5 modern GSM analyser.
  • Fully solar powered Wi-Fi camera.

    Totally Solar powered camera with battery backup.

    • Automatic night vision.
    • Full High definition quality.
    • Works world wide.
    Fully solar powered Wi-Fi camera.
  • 5G Bug detector for all spy signals.

    New generation bug detector 5G, superb.

    • Incredible scanning capability with 5G.
    • Scans spy signals on UHF, VHF, FM, GSM.
    • Detects all GSM spy bugs.
    • Optical infra red camera spotter.
    5G Bug detector for all spy signals.
  • Advanced spy signal analyser WAM-108T.

    Ultimate choice for bug sweep professionals.

    • Fast, mobile, accurate.
    • First class electronic counter surveillance.
    • WAM-108T best bug detector 2020.
    Advanced spy signal analyser WAM-108T.
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    Spycraft the official spy equipment shop has offered surveillance electronics and services since 1996. As an experienced specialist in spy equipment & professional spy gadgets, we only supply genuine manufacturers products. We stock a verity of security electronics, including counter surveillance bug detectors as well as CCTV. Benefit from reliable surveillance electronics and GPS tracking systems, saving you time and money. Make sure you get the right CCTV camera or spy cam for your mission. Whether you need a hidden camera or a full CCTV system, we have the right solution for you. Maybe you need an advanced bug detector for high end security or a bug detection system for the home. Have a look through our equipment categories and feel free to contact us for advice in advance if required, before you purchase.

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    Spy electronics CCTV cameras & spy gadgets.

    Spycraft the original and complete spy shop providing you with spy gadgets and special electronics from CCTV to hidden spy cameras. Professional bug detectors to budget bug detectors and more. As a spy shop we have the whole selection right through to GSM bugging devices that operate from your mobile phone. We have been providing security services since 1998 and continue to support clients who need professional TSCM or similar bug sweep services. If its communications or consultations you need, drop us a line and lets explore together. We work with private clients and professional people from all walks of life and will be happy to deal direct with you.

    Fitting a camera or burglar alarm on your property will stop most criminals from accessing the premises. If you have a remote surveillance camera, it will ensure you see who’s approaching your property before a possible break-in or robbery? Basic security secures your home from unauthorised access and help stop somebody putting a tracker on your car. If you have not implemented basic security, then you can apply some basic protection to help you achieve a safer environment for your self and loved ones. A bug sweep is the best way to screen and scan your home or premises for spy equipment, but without basic security, you’re vulnerable again. If you action a bug sweep service, Make sure you do the basics before or after.

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    Explore the hidden world of spy phenomena, from spy gadgets to services. In business since 1996 and copied by many. Spycraft the original spy gadget supplier in the UK formed the business from a research and development platform in the beginning, when the internet was in its infant stages. Who would have known, that the spy electronics industry was going to become so mainstream? Products and software seem to be an everyday standard now. Technical theft is growing, so are the countermeasures required to address the threats. We seem to use systems now without even thinking about why, for example, you hopefully use an antivirus or VPN with your computer autonomously. If you don’t, then you should because cybercrime is currently at an all-time high. Why not try Avast antivirus and VPN, download it free here.

    Avast anti virus and vpn dwnload

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