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Payment options.

  • We accept all major credit cards & AMEX.
    (Checking out with your card is easy, 3D security checks operate the same as all quality retailers online).
  • PayPal buy now & pay later over 4 instalments.
    (Select PayPal in cart for instant payment. Once you select PayPal you will see the option for pay later, please note PayPal decide if they will offer pay later or not, we can not influence PayPal’s decision with pay later).
  • Bitcoin crypto currency payment.
    (To pay with Bitcoin is easy, select the bank option in the cart, follow through with your order. Once we receive your order, we will send you a Bitcoin wallet QR code & email address, to complete the order).
  • Bank wire direct to our account.
    (Transfer the payment for your order directly from your bank to our bank. Select the bank option in the cart, follow through with your order, we will then send you account details for the payment. Please note orders can only ship once payment is received and cleared in our account. Please use your order number as reference for the payment).
  • VIP service cash on delivery.
    (Private delivery & payment is an option open to VIP clients – Payment is made by any method listed above. Please select VIP delivery in the cart for the private service. We are happy to meet your agents or security team as well as you in person, discretion is assured. We are happy to sign any non disclosure agreements).
  • All prices include VAT & TAX.

Orders & returns.

  • Spycraft ships products worldwide by DHL and UPS.
  • We use UPS, Royal Mail & DHL for logistics, however you can use your preferred courier for delivery.
  • We offer you choices for delivery, select at checkout, DHL, UPS, & Royal Mail.

Delivery in the UK – EU & International.

Delivery options

We ship orders worldwide by DHL and UPS.

Private courier service.

  • For private delivery please check out and select “private delivery” option, to complete your order.
  • Once payment is made through the web site, we will then schedule your delivery.
  • All products are wiped down with an anti-bacterial wash before being packaged and sealed.
  • Please note, private delivery can be expensive, so location and order totals will be relevant.
  • Spycraft ship products worldwide by DHL and UPS, However “private delivery services” are only available in the UK.
  • Private delivery must be pre-arranged & it’s only avalible to customers who purchase throuhg the website.


  • Please do not return any item purchased unless we have authorised you to do so in advance.
  • Returned items, cannot be accepted back unless arranged beforehand with email authorisation.
  • Returns without authorisation or our RMA code will not be processed.
  • Accordingly, items returned without authorisation will not be refunded or credited.
  • Please use the contact page to request or return products, in advance of sending back to us.
  • You will need your sales invoice sent to you by email, at the time of purchase.
  • For more information regarding returns please see our terms and conditions. Spycraft®

For more information about return requests.

Please view our returns policy here.


  • Trading for over 30 years – we are experienced in international logistics and understand Import / Export processes.
  • We can advise you on the choice of courier so please ask us if you are not sure of the best agent for your shipment.
  • We ship to the EU usually within 24 – 48 hours and internationally 48 to 72 hours depending on service selected.
  • All orders placed before 2.30pm will usually be dispatched for next day delivery in the UK.
  • The times above for shipping are based on GMT. Your package will always arrive in discreet packaging.
  • Usually, we add a return address that does not have reference to SPYCRAFT, to safeguard your privacy.

International purchasing versus UK business.

Purchasing from Spycraft UK means you receive the correct products compatible in Great Britain. Service & Support is in English so you have somebody to help should you get any issues. 

Purchasing spy equipment from international locations costs time & money. Import fees, long delivery times & other assotiated risks. In some cases you might not receive the product at all? Moreover, returning a spy gadget to an international location is expensive & you have no control over a refund or credit.

International suppliers do not fall under UK distance selling Law or regulation, so they don’t have to refund you or replace the item. Often expensive shipping costs mean the companies may not honour your returns at all, or they may charge you high fees on top of what you have already paid.

If you compare the price of a spy product offered by an international supplier, to the same product offered in the UK, you might see that it costs a little more to purchase in the UK?  But the extra is worth paying to avoid lengthy delivery times and hidden fees (UK Customs import charges) not to mention service, should the item be faulty & need replacing.

Once you consider the real costs of purchasing outside the UK, you might see the best choice associated. If you buy in from outside the UK, you will know only too well just how expensive and problematic it can be.

Special delivery UK ↗

Next day delivery, orders in by 2.30pm.
Private same day delivery, London & Gt Lon.

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secur payment system

Flexible payment options include.
Cards / PayPal / Bank / Bitcoin.

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UK based Service & support.
Standard guarantee & GDPR.

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