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Spy detectors

Spy detectors search for all types of spy equipment. But a bug detrctor is primarily focuse to see live radio frequencies emitted by bugging devices.

View a list of dedicated bug detectors here.

Alternative counter surveillance electronics.

A spy detector is a general term that refers to an electronic counter surveillance device. These devices scan a variety of electronic surveillance systems. Some devices work in a similar way to a bug detector. Both offer the ability to reveal hidden spy electronics.

Many spy detectors can not locate dormant spy devices, such as bugs that do not transmit. Such devices require a search that does not use radio frequency reception as the means. EG: a covert “wired” spy camera does not transmit a signal, so to search for such a device with a bug detector is pointless? You must select the right counter surveillance device depending on the task.

Spy detectors are essential when bug sweeping.

Old counter surveillance techniques are still desirable, so different products for different tasks? But what if you could have a bug detector that is effectively a radio scanner as well. There are one or two advanced bug detectors that offer advanced scanning. Have a look at our bug detection devices and view the WAM-108t as well as the PRO-W10GX.

Spy detectors & your knowledgebase.

Your knowledge base is a pivotal thing to consider when buying any spy detector. Ask yourself if you have the technical skills required to use an advanced device, before you purchase one. There are many different types of spy detectors available, so it’s important to consider your skill level. Let us help guide you to the best device for you. A detector that suits your knowledge base, ensuring you are able to use it.

Equipment choices.

Spycraft has a selection of spy detectors for both professionals and amateurs. We have detailed knowledge of the equipment we supply & understand the technicalities presented to a beginner. As an amature you might not want to purchase a device that is beyond your practical understanding? Of course if you know your stuff then feel free to view & purchase our advanced detectors like our CAM-GX5.

Price guide versus performance.

Expensive counter surveillance electronics do not necessarily offer the best functions for your task, it depends on on the scenario. EG: Detecting a GPS tracker is easy if your device has signal logging capability. Detecting a trackers signal with a bug detector is possible, but driving while operating is tricky. Using a GSM signal Logger makes the task easy & much safer.

Did you know?

Some spy detectors are very effective.

Personal relationships with manufacturers ensure we have original equipment created at source. Rather than cheap copy products found online. One of the first things you need to eliminate when purchasing a spy detector is reliability. Get genuine products that are new, many cheap detectors are not reliable or calibrated. Imagine you’re conducting a scientific test? you will need to know that the equipment you’re using is right, and set up correctly before you start?

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