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Eclipse concept phone

Eclipse concept phone

(The information below does not divulge the system particulars and is just a general introduction)


The Eclipse concept phone.

The essence for the project stemmed from a desire to have some sort of private phone that was organic in every way, but offered the user a choice to be secure at any time, whilst doing everything with their phone? It had to be so simple and seamless to use, one could pick it up and use it right away, and understand how to use the system for 100% privacy. The phone had to be organic and standard in every way, enabling the user to load any application or run any program just like any regular Android phone. The phone had to be 100% legal to own and use, as well as retail, with in all the required criteria for the major phone providers and high street shops.

How could this be done?

Rather than setting out to create a product that achieved the goals explained above, it happened the other way around? we had already thought of a product that fitted into the requirement, many years previously. So the product already existed, on paper? In 2021 we finished the prototype design and put all the relevant contracts in place. Although we do not have a physical product, we do have a 100% build guarantee of success across all the technical aspects of the prototype and device. As a finished project, we are ready to create the prototype and once de bugged, volume production is already arranged, so a formality.

Stats & research.

It is wise to do your market research beforehand, when looking at any potential project, just to be sure. Even if you are totally convinced that your idea or product is the best creation. We spent a lot of time and money, looking at all the aspects of the product, with a professional marketing company. During the exploration & creation phase, we formed the Patent for the concept too. The results that came back from the marketing research were spectacular and unexpected !

The mobile phone industry is worth approximately 700 billion dollars per year. Market research shows that we will take 1% of this market in the first year, followed by 5% in the second year.  Obviously there are quite a few things with in the process to consider, but You do not need to be a mathematician to see the profit margin here. This projection is basic, and the sky’s the limit. Most of us involved in the project believe that we will change the way people use smartphones forever, and revolutionise the phone industry with our concept. Just this notion is enough to express the potential of this fantastic concept & opportunity.

Results from market research uncovered rich findings, much bigger then I had previously projected? The second surprise was a request, by the marketing company to get involved in the project, and business, in an official capacity. Almost right away, the marketing approached us with a request to come on board, with the concept and business. As marketing professionals, they saw the opportunity and potential in the concept phone, right away. (They are now official partners eliminating the huge task of taking the product to market.)

As developers we have the ability to create, but as business entrepreneurs, we know the level of branding and expertise required to bring such a concept to market. Everything is in place and we are ready to go. We are looking for a final partner, the investor. There will be a total of three partners, all owning 33% of the business. As an investor you do not have to work with in the business at all, rather your investment will be your contribution representing 33% ownership. there is lots of flexibility here for how we can work with you. 

NDA secrecy.

As we do not currently have an official investor, we would like to talk to an individual or company, who might like to know more. Unfortunately we can not disclose why the concept phone is so special, but we would be happy to talk to you, your agent or solicitor with a view to disclosure, should you be happy signing an NDA with a view to becoming involved. If you or your organisation is serious about becoming the partner / investor, then please get in touch.

Eclipse concept Patent.

The patent is pending, we have conformation of success, from our Patent solicitor, that we will get the patent for the UK and EU. We do not currently plan to supply the product to the USA just yet due to technical considerations, but we may look at this later, once we are up and running.

Please contact me direct to discus or appoint a meeting. Please click here or use the contact form on this web site, to get in touch with me directly.

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