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Specialist spy equipment & security gadgets

Spycraft UK a genuine spy shop brand offering quality spy gadgets in the UK since 1998.
We only select the most reliable surveillance electronics for sale in our spy shop, ensuring value for money.
See our quality selection of security electronics, from GSM bugging devices, to counter surveillance spy detectors.
All our spy gear on offer has been hand picked & tested by our electronic engineers, to ensure stability & value for money.

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CCTV & Solar powered cameras

Whether it’s a hidden spy camera, or GPS tracker, we have the right solution for you. Have a look through our equipment categories & feel free to contact us if you need advice. Purchasing from a British company saves you time and money, no long delivery delays or hidden UK importation costs. We stock all the spy equipment advertised, for next day delivery in the UK & we can ship worldwide in 48 hours.

Great value surveillance electronics

Catching a random events on video, offers proof of what actually happened? This solar powered camera operates over the mobile phone network, so 4G and is fully powered by solar energy. The high resolution camera is ideal for home security. Perfect for keeping an eye on a property abroad or watching your home while your on holiday? Most of our cameras offer you full remote control on your smartphone.

Best choice for the environment, totally powered by the sunlight. Easy and fast installation, the WIFI camera no wiring required. It’s no mystery that fitting a camera on your property will stop most criminals from breaking into the premises. A remote surveillance camera, ensures you see anyone approaching your property before a break-in or robbery?

Service & support

We offer support before and after you purchase, to ensure you get the service you expect from a British company.
It’s nice to know you will be communicating in clear English, whether you need support or just some general advice.
Most of our surveillance electronics are easy to use & understand.

GPS performance

Tracking any vehicle is easy with our dedicated GPS car tracker. Professional tracking products offers stability over the network with good connectivity. Our tracking devices offer the latest performance & quality. All our GPS tracking device work with & without a magnetic case. The magnetic case is perfect for secret tracking applications. The covert GPS enclosure offer covert fixing underneath the vehicle’s chassis.


Flexible car tracking

Flexible gps tracking devices

Man down tracker

The personal SOS tracker offers fast performance over the 3G cellular network, & Global roaming comes as standard.
Combined with our server package, the GPS tracker is Ideal for close protection specialists & private security.

Extended power tracking

Extended GPS power pack

The original spy shop

Explore the hidden world of spy equipment. From real spy gadgets to counter surveillance systems. Spycraft UK an authentic supplier, offering surveillance electronics for over 30 years. Online since the beginning of the internet, a business formed from research & development. Spycraft®Blog.

Modern crime is increasing, don’t wait till it’s to late.

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Delivery is next working day in the UK, all orders received by 3.30pm. Worldwide service 48 to 72 hours. International orders can be delayed by your customs office.

Standard guarantee & support.

All purchases come with a standard guarantee. We operate in line with all major retail rules and regulations in the UK. So there's no need to worry about service.

Personal & private delivery.

Spycraft offer a private same day delivery service in and around greater London, The service must be arranged before purchase. Contact US to explore more.

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