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Cameras & CCTV information.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras powered by solar energy, are a great choice.

Our 4G camera does not need internet Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone. Powered by the sun, & benefiting from its own sim card, you’ll receive movement notifications before a break-in.

Modern solar powered cameras v standard CCTV.

It’s no secret that a camera or equivalent CCTV system offers you security and peace of mind, but there’s always a price tag to consider. Modern CCTV with wireless connectivity, offers you quality video with easy installation, so you can fit it yourself avoiding expensive engineers fees. High price camera systems usually cost a lot of money because of the installation fees.

CCTV camera installation.

We supply easy to install CCTV cameras that can be fitted by you in minutes. You will be able to install our cameras yourself, we select specific cameras that are installation friendly. If you really do not want to do it yourself & would prefer a more hands-off approach. Then we also offer a fitting service, professional engineers can install your CCTV for you. Please contact us for installation as the costs vary depending on what CCTV system and your location.

solar powered wifi camera specifications

Solar power with rechargible batteries.

    Motion alert.

    Having a motion alert cam in your house might seem a little extreme. But so many people use this type of Wi-Fi cam all the time for home security. Home cameras are very commonplace nowadays, and used widely across the world in many different locations.

    Being notified as soon as somebody approaches your house or business premises is priceless, and it will help deter burglars and strangers. You receive movement alerts to your phone as soon as there is an event.

    Advantages of motion detection.

    Motion detect works like a trigger, & instantly sends you an image or video clip as soon as any movement passes in front of the camera. Movement alert is simple to set up from within the control application. The camera connects to your wireless router, so there is no need for you to run any cables. Connect the camera to the power and link to your wireless router with the provided software. Select any one of our solar powered devices & benefit from quick installation, no cables to run at all.

    A CCTV camera is a smart choice.

    CCTV is a necessity for a holiday home, it’s more than a deterrent? An obvious camera might actually prevent a break-in all together. Thieves think twice when theres CCTV, and you will see them as they approach, ideal for keeping an eye on any premises. Some of our systems are solar-powered so powered by sunlight, very low maintenance. Get alerts directly to your smartphone as soon as any movement or event occurs. It’s great to quickly view & check any property, should you be worried at any time.

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