Car Tracker GL300
Car tracker
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Car tracker


The perfect magnetic car tracker offering incredible accuracy & performance.

The car tracker combined with our service package is possibly the best GPS car tracker on the market, at an affordable price.

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Our dedicated car tracker works on any vehicle, coverage is worldwide with great performance & full server support.

GL300 car tracker

The ultimate GPS tracker connects worldwide and works with or with out, the optional magnetic case. The minutiae magnetic case provides tough and waterproof protection whilst offering a magnet option for easy fitting. The set makes covert tracking easy and fast regardless of vehicle. The car tracker has the flexibility to track any vehicle for up to twenty days before it needs recharging. Optional power options can extend power standby for up to four months plus, with out the need to wire the tracker into the car.

GPS car tracker connectivity from inside or outside the car.

Classic car tracker

The car tracker works in the magnetic case outside the car and internally without the covert case, from inside the cabin area. Our server platform provides you with tracking coverage worldwide, so you see the devices location. Our tracking system works world wide, you view remotely and the tracker delivers its location to your computer or phone with no special software required.

This ultimate car tracker enables you to track a car where ever it is in the world. The GPS car tracker is flexible for tracking any vehicle, so you benefits from no wiring installation.
The tracking device works on its own power and optional extra battery packs allow the device to stand by for over 4 months, ideal for classic cars, as you don’t need to break the wiring loom on the vehicle to use the tracker.

The car tracker catches out cheating partners.

cheating partner gps

The car tracker is so flexible it’s ideal for secret investigations, like finding out if your partner is cheating on you. Often you might know a specific location that’s associated with an unfaithful partner. Once set, the tracker sends you location notifications as soon as it enters an area of suspicion. View automatic historical data saved in your mapping account at any time and see where the tracker has been. There’s no need to check the tracking device to see where it’s going, like some trackers. All location data is auto uploaded in your mapping account. Moreover, the data automatically streams to the server as soon as the Tracker moves.

Private GPS car tracking security.

The GPS tracker will monitor family members, for instance, new drivers and loved ones. The package offers speed logging data saved in your account for proof of events. The tracker is perfect for any domestic applications. This tracking device will be victorious logging the movements of a cheating partner, with power standby up to 20 days. So as you might see, the uses for this generic tracking device are infinite.

Ready to use out of the box.

Our car tracker is connected live, ready as soon as it arrives at your door. All the server requirements are already programmed in, so it’s connected right away. This GPS tracker (GL300) has an optional small magnetic case for covert tracking. The magnets are incredibly strong, making the device very easy to attach to any part of the car chassis. Running on our systems we achieve an optimal 20 days of power support per charge.

Investigations and detectives.

Female detective with gps tracker

Our car tracker package save you money, whether your somebody who works in the investigations field or not. The stability of the system is reliable and uptime is 24 / 7. The tracker roams world wide, so if your target decides to get on a ferry, over to Europe, then no problem. There are numerous advantages for using a British based system, to mention one, support. Get responses to your questions fast, turn around times for hardware with out paying extra costs. As mentioned previously, we own our GPS servers & systems so your purchasing direct, no man in the middle means no inflated costs or delays. And diagnostics or trouble shooting is much faster as its all done in house. Investigators, close protection, and security organizations, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Did you know we can connect your existing devices and support you on our systems? If your paying to much for your GPS try us, we could save you 50%. click here to view some more data related to connections only.

Server account included free for one month.

The tracking device is live and working when it leave our depot, so you use it as soon as it arrives. It’s already connected so you don’t have to do anything except log into the web site. We program your email address into the device, this is the email you receive notification to. You can change the registered email at any time. You can also program a Phone number into the system for alerts, everything is flexible.

Sim card options.

The GPS car tracker (GL300) has the sim card already installed, pre loaded with your selected data choice. Typically 1Gb of data will last you one to two months plus, operating as a typical driver. 1Gb of data will cost you approximately £5.00 depending on what provider you select to use.

You may like to change the sim card provided with your tracking device, that option is open to you. Everything is flexible with out charges or penalties. so if yo prefer to use a contract sim card or a different provider, just let us know and we will make the changes for you.

Topping up data is easy, you top up online with a credit card or credit voucher. You can also top up your tracker from an ATM cashpoint with your debit card. Put your card in, select amount, then enter the trackers phone number.

We are always here to support you with any issues should you have a question or want to change something. You can also view some basic support in the help section of the web site. When you purchase any tracking device from us you automatically qualify for support, its part of the service.

Just incase you missed the it, “We do not charge for tracks coming into the server” everything is included in your account and is unlimited. As we own all our GPS systems, we are able to offer you GPS support with no middle man in the way, this keeps costs down.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Add sim card

Standard sim PAYG, Preloaded sim 1GB data, Preloaded sim 4GB data, Preloaded sim 10GB data

Add magnetic case

No magnetic case, Add magnetic case

Tech Specs


  • GPS Tracker.
  • Sim card.
  • Credit pre loaded.
  • Magnetic case.
  • Charger & Leads.
Frequency Quad band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
-Class 4 (2W @ 850 / 900 MHz)
-Class 1 (1W @ 1800 / 1900 MHz)
GPRS GPRS multi-slot class 12
GPRS mobile station class B
RMS Phase Error 5 deg
Max RF Output Power GSM850/GSM900: 33.0±2 dBm
DCS1800/PCS1900: 30.0±2 dBm
Dynamic Input Range -15 ~ -108 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity Class Ⅱ RBER 2% (-107 dBm)
Stability of Frequency < 2.5 ppm
Max Frequency Error ±0.1 ppm

GNSS Specifications

GNSS Type u-blox All-in-One GNSS receiver
Sensitivity Autonomous: -147 dBm
Hot start: -156 dBm
Reacquisition: -160 dBm
Tracking: -162 dBm
Position Accuracy (CEP) Autonomous:< 2.5m
TTFF (Open Sky) Cold start: 27s average
Warm start: 27s average
Hot start: 1s average

General Specifications

Dimensions 68.5 ×38.5 × 23.5mm
2.70”(L) × 1.52”(W) × 0.93”(H)
Weight 60g (2.12oz)
Internal Battery Li-Polymer, 1300 mAh
Standby Time Without reporting: 280 hours
5 minutes’ reporting: 120 hours
10 minutes’ reporting: 190 hours
Water Resistance IPX5 Compliant
Charging Voltage 5V DC
External Battery Voltage 3.5V to 4.2V DC
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃


Digital Inputs 1 positive trigger input for ignition detection
1 negative trigger input for normal use
Power Button Power on and power off, can be disabled via air interface protocol
Function Button with Vibration
Emergency alert or instant geo-fences setting
GSM Antenna Internal only
GNSS Antenna Internal only
LED Indicators CEL, GNSS, PWR
Mini USB Interface Used for external power and configuration

Air Interface Protocol

Transmit Protocol TCP, UDP, SMS
Scheduled Report Report position and status based on preset time intervals, distance, mileage or a combination of these settings
Geo-fences Support up to 5 geo-fence regions
Low Power Alarm Alarm when battery is low
Power On/Off Report Report when the device is powered on and off
SOS/Emergency Alarm SOS alarm via pressing function button
Special Alarm Special alarm based on digital inputs
Motion Detection Motion alarm based on internal 3-axis accelerometer

2 reviews for Car tracker

  1. Mac

    Wife is using it in her car with out the case so she can alert me if she gets any more problems great working well.

  2. Hayley

    Blond moment it is already working lol. How long does it last before I need to plug it in. Thanks.

    • sc03248t5

      Dear Hayley. If you look in your mapping screen you will see the power bar by the date history, once the battery is low it will show in red, you will then have to recharge the tracking device for approx 3 to 4 hours. If your referring to sim card credit, then the standard top up that comes with your device will last approximately 4 weeks depending on track time v usage. To top is easy online at the providers website or through our web site, you click straight through to the top up page. Please select the relevant provider. click on the sim card type you have, half way down the screen and top up as required.

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