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GSM Power socket bugging device.

The power socket bugging device, inside the mains adaptor has the latest GSM listening technology, with up to date build quality. Plug it into any mains socket and listen to the room conversations on your cell phone.

Call the phone number, and the bug switch on, enabling you to listen to sound up to 30 feet away.

Filtered sound offeres, 100% buzz free operation, perfect audio clarity. Perminantly powered by the mains, you don’t need to recover and recharge the bug. Ideal for longer term monitoring.

Simple & efective, bugging adaptor.

The power socket bugging device is a GSM adaptor will work once connected to any 3-Pin UK type socket 220-250Vac. It utilizes the mobile phone frequencies 800/1900 MHz mobile phone network.

Always Put safety first with mains power.

Do not overload this device with electrical items or use the device for days without checking it. We recomend a power breaker for safety !

Plug into a low amplitude breaker for extra protection, add your own power breaker for safety. Good power breaker plugs, are avalible from any good electrical store for a few pounds.

The product is well made by the manufacturer, & tested before dispatch. Spycraft do not manufactur the device, it is important to state. The power socket plug is a creation from a third party and is not a custom product made by spycraft.

Like all mains powered devices, atentionshould be pinical to ensure safety. The product, sold in many UK spy shops with out enficis on safety, is a little misleading. Therfour we try to point the users focus, to the safety aspect of using such devices.


  • Power socket bugging.
  • Sim card  (Pre-installed).
  • Instructions.

Alternative GSM bugging device see our USB plug.

Weight 0.112 kg

Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Fully Functioning Double Mains Adaptor.
  • Built-in GSM Listening Device.
  • Mains Powered for long term monitoring.
  • Plugs into any UK Style 3-Pin Socket.
  • Works on any 900/1800 MHz Mobile Network.

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Power socket bugging device


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GSM bugging device.
Power socket bugging device

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