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Multi function tactical knife.

If the worst was to happen, it pays to have a knife that’s got a little bit more than just a sharp cutting edge. Our tactical knife offers a regular blade and a focused centerpoint for breaking glass as well as a hook for leveraging items.

Tacktical knife advantages.

Our tactical knife offers the user more than a cutting edge blade. The back of the handle has a centre punch point, allowing you to break open items & shatter glass.

tactical knife

Tacktical knife.

  • Stainless steel.
  • Centre point punch.
  • Wire cutter.
  • Fine blade.

3 inch blade.

Our small pocket sized knife is legal to have & own in the UK, the knife blade is not longer than 3 inches. The blade is made from fine stainless steel & it’s very sharp making it ideal for all urban survival tasks.

Blade safety mechanism.

Once the blade is extended in the open position, the safety mechanism holds the blade in place. To return the blade back, you move the inner leaver to allow the blade to return back into the handle. The safety feature is ideal to stop the knife blade folding back onto your fingers during use.

Wire cutting tool.

The knife handle offers a hook-in mechanism that’s used to grasp wire and snip through cords or cables. As an urban survival tool our tactical knife is robust and task flexible, so it can be used for many different purposes.

One handed blade deployment.

Quick opening with one hand operation.

The knife blade offers easy opening, a small rounded finger point situated on the top of the knife blade allowing you to extend the blade by pushing open with your forefinger.


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tactical knife


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Tactical knife urban survival tool
tactical knife

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