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Start fires fast with our flint fire starter.

Being able to start a fire is fundamental to survival, keeping warm is imperitive. Our flint fire starter allows you to start fires quickly and in any weather conditions, no matches required.

How to use our fire starter.

The kit consists of two parts, an iron plate, and a flint stick. The plate is held in one hand, and the flint fire starter stick, is scrambled downwards against the plate with your other hand. The action creates plenty of big sparks that will ignite any combustible material below it, please see images.

Flint fire starter

Start fires easily and efficiently with our all weather flint fire starting utility. Made from a special flint and metal component, the fire starter produces a lot of highly concentrated sparks, ideal for fire lighting.

Fire stick ignites fire in the rain.

Our flint fire stick is able to create the necessary amount of sparks to start a fire, regardless of weather it’s raining or not. Light material in the harshest of weather conditions, unlick matches which would fail in high wind or rain.

Long lasting fire starting kit.

The Flint fire stick lasts for an exceptionally long time, as you would imagine it’s steel and flint so the two parts of the kit are both made from hard components. The fire starting set will not run out or become used in any short time during use.


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flint fire starter utility


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Flint fire starter set for fire creation
flint fire starter utility

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