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What is an intermediate bug detector?

Our Intermediate bug detector is a basic device that offers the user a little bit more performance & functionality. One might say, the de bugging device falls into a group of tech between a basic detector and a professional scanner?

What does the Intermediate bug detector offer?

The Intermediate bug detector provides the user with all the regular functions expected, but the scanning technique of the device is more comparable to a professional bug scanner. The signal scanning range is broad and the ability to control the device is excellent.

Intermediate bug detector.

Intermediate bug detector
  • RF antenna.
  • Scanning range up to 12GHz.
  • GSM capability 3G & 4G.
  • Magnetic probe antenna.
  • Signal attenuation.
  • Audible tone.
  • Ten bar graph LED.
  • Solid alloy construction.

Device build quality made to high standards.

No expense has been spared in the physical design of the device, the antennas are rubberised and the casing is robuist, made from cast alloy, painted in black.  The signal attenuation control is situated below the device, underneath the main body as is the volume control, this gives the user better control of the device during operation.

One can see the ten chaplet LED bar clearly when holding the device in the hand, and control accordingly without losing sight of the LED bar graph. Audible tone is automated and the sound pitch changes by signal strength during reception of the signal being received.

Radio signal bands & performance.

The intermediate bug detector automatically scans all radio transmissions both (RF) and (GSM) 3G & 4G mobile frequencies included. The scanning range is stated to encompass up to 12GHz. (In tests the device does indeed perform as stated)

Magnetic probe antenna.

The Intermediate bug detector offers two types of antenna for two different detection tasks. The RF probe covers radio frequenciy (RF) detection. As stated above. But there is another antena probe that specifically searches for Electromagnetic fields (EMF).

What is the purpose of detecting (EMF’s).

When searching for vehicle tracking equipment, is it advantageous to have a device capable of acknowledging magnetic fields? Some GPS tracking devices do not transmit a signal in sequence when the tracker is not physically moving. Tracker signals are hard to detect with a conventional bug detector. 

Magnetic filed detection.

The Intermediate bug detector uses a magnetic probe to search out magnetic fields? 95%  of vehicle tracking devices have magnets fitted to them, to enable them to attach under the car’s body. As you may see, the detector offers you two different ways to find hidden vehicle tracking equipment. 

Multi function bug detector.

The detector alerts you to any magnetic field preset by illuminating the LED bar graph and audible tone. The magnetic search probe is two feet in length. The magnetic probe is detachable, so you do not need it connected to the detector if you are not actively searching for vehicle tracking devices. The probe can be disconnected for portability and convenience, rendering the detector back to a radio signal (RF) scanner.

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Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  1. Detecting Frequency: 1MHz-12GHz.
  2. Detection range up to 12GHz (RF, 3G 4G mobile signals).
  3. Detecting Dynamic Range: >73Db.
  4. Detecting Sensitivity: ≤0.03 mw(Main Frequency).
  5. Signal Strength Indicator: 10-level LED bar graphs to show 10 signals strength levels.
  6. Battery: embedded with 3.7V 1500mA Lithium Polymer battery.
  7. 20-45 continuous working hours  7 days for standby.
  8. No external battery needed.
  9. Working Current:25-35 mA.
  10. Material: Duralumin casing
  11. N.W: 175g
  12. Size: 125×52.5×21.5mm

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Good detector I am very happy with it thanks.

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