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Our urban multi tool money clip offers the user a multitude of functions as well as holding bank notes. No matter what the requirement the multi tool has a fitting to cope, from a basic screwdriver to a bottle opener.

Stainless steel Multi tool.

Made from quality stainless steel, the instrument will last and not rust with moisture, so it’s ideal to carry in a pocket or wallet anywhere, any time. The multi tool comes with a wallet to store it away when not in use.

Urban Multi tool moneyclip

Urban money clip.

Make sure you’re prepared for any issue and carry our multi tool, & look cool at the same time with the unique money clip feature.

  • Stainless steel.
  • 46 functions.
  • Stylish money clip.
  • Urban survival tool.
  • Black pouch.

Multi tool money clip.

The multitool has a money clip built into it for holding bank notes, just like any conventional money clip. However the tool offers so much more for problem solving. Ity is in effect a multi tool with forty six functions in one.

Urban Multi tool money clip

From screwdriver tips to spanner size fitting for nuts and bolts, the multi tool also opens bottle tops and more. Ideal for fixing tightening up bolts on a bike or similar emergency mechanical tasks.

Stylish and cool.

The multi tool money clip is a very unusual looking item, and it will command questions from your friends when they see it. In some cases it also offers self protection as a tactical item made of hardened stainless steel.


  • Urban Multitool money clip.
  • Storage pouch.
  • Instructions.

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Urban Multi tool money clip
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