Power bug GSM is the prefect voice activated spy device
Power bug GSM
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Power bug GSM


Power bug GSM is a bugging device fitted into a standard power extension lead.

The power extension works like any other power extension but it has a voice-activated bug inside it, soon as you call the bug you will hear all the sounds in the room.

As it’s a power lead it can be plugged in so its permanent power by the mains and very hard to spot without manual and physical inspection.

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Power bug GSM is a bugging device fitted into a standard power extension lead.

The power bug GSM device looks like a regular power socket extension, at a glance, however it hides something a little more sinister. As a fully functional mains adaptor, its hard to spot the GSM bug inside the power strip. Benefiting from the latest GSM listening technology, moreover it delivers crystal clear audio with voice activation.

How do I use the surveillance device?

Call the Power bug GSM, and it silently switch on the microphone, enabling you to listen to sound up to 30 feet. Sound is filtered, so it’s 100% buzz free, for perfect audio clarity. The device is powered by the mains, so you don’t need to recover the device to recharge the unit. GSM based bugs are ideal for long term monitoring. The bug will work when connected to any UK type socket with a 220-250V supply and where an 800/1900 MHz mobile phone network is available.

Put safety first when using mains power, always use a power breaker.

It is not recommended to overload this device with electrical items or use this device for long periods of continued usage. Using the socket in conjunction with a safety extension (Power breaker) is recommended. It would be best if you also plugged the Power bug GSM into a power source with a low amplitude breaker for added safety.

If you are unsure, please consult an approved technician or electrician for safety advice. The product is built and sealed with the correct moldings to set the electronic components firmly into the power base. But with all power based products we recommend using a standard power breaker, just to be extra safe. Power breakers can be purchased from any good electrical store, and are not expensive. Once the power bug is plugged into the power, you can enjoy unlimited audio surveillance. You can also control the bugging devices voice activation feature by sending a text message to turn it on or off.


  • Fully functioning mains extension
  • Built-in GSM listening device
  • Mains powered for long term monitoring
  • Plugs into any UK Style 3-pin socket
  • Works on any 900/1800 MHz mobile network
  • A long term surveillance system

Additional information

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Tech Specs

  • Fully functioning UK style mains extension.
  • Built-in GSM listening device.
  • Mains powered for long term monitoring.
  • Plugs into any UK Style 3-pin socket.
  • GSM 900/1800 MHz mobile network.
  • Voice activation.
  • Remote control (SMS)
  • Two built in microphones.


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