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Bug detector CAM-105w.

As a dedicated mobile band analyser, the bug detector CAM-105w is a cellular explorer, ideal for detecting GPS trackers and GSM bugging equipment. The CAM105w detects GSM bugs operating within cellular transmissions. The detector CAM105W offers an extra analysing component for screening Wi-Fi & Bluetooth radio fields.

Ideal for hunting GPS trackers.

The unique functions of the CAM make it perfect for detecting modern GSM/Cell-based spy devices, like GPS trackers. The detector is capable of detecting GSM bugs in any area, for example, you scan your home or office with the device.

Bug detector CAM-105W signal logging.

The bug detector has a built-in logger function that monitors any transmission. Therefore you don’t need to look at the display as your driving because the bug detector is scanning live & logging signal events for review.

Logged data review.

As data is logged, you have hands-free monitoring with the CAM-105w. The data can be downloaded at any time for pc based storage through the external USB port. Ideal for hunting all GSM surveillance devices & tracking systems.

Captures all GSM burst transmissions.

You don’t need to time the output bursts during tracker testing. The CAM has logging capability that does it for you. Turn on the device, enter logging mode and drive away.

CAM-105W hunts GPS trackers.

The Counter surveillance scanner CAM-105w locks onto any burst transmissions from hidden spy equipment operating on GSM. The data is clear and easily confirms the presence of a spy device.

The bug detector finds GSM bugging equipment.

The system scans in real-time and alerts you instantly, if any voice-based GSM bugs become active. The device is highly directional and will pinpoint the source of the GSM signal.


  • Bug detector CAM-105w.
  • Antennas.
  • Global power pack.
  • Instructions.
  • Military flight case.

 Please see the latest adition in the range CAM-GX5 GSM analyser for scanning spy devices.

Weight 0.1 kg

JJN, Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Detects GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), 4G (LTE) – plus Wifi/Bluetooth/2.4 Ghz devices.
  • Detects Mobile Phones, Smartphones, GPS Trackers, SMS (Texts), 3G/4G Video, Bluetooth & Wifi Devices..
  • Detects Cellular Bands 800 MHz (4G), 900 MHz (2G), 1800 MHz (2G/4G), 2100 MHz (3G), 2600MHz (4G)
  • Separate 2400 Mhz band detector for Wifi/Bluetooth/Video and other latest generation devices.
  • Ultra-sensitive – Detects signals from up to 50 metres.
  • Event Log records Time/Date, Detected Band, Duration & Signal Strength of up to 4000 Cellular Events. Log can be viewed on screen and downloaded to USB stick for storage/viewing on a computer.
  • 3.5inch Colour TFT Display with easy to use menu driven operation.

bug detector cam-105w specifications


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Bug detector CAM-105w cellular analyser


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