Solar powered 4g camera


Solar powered 4G camera, no wires or wifi required.

The Solar powered 4G camera requires no internet or power feed at all.
The CCTV camera allows you to view images over the mobile phone network, with simple installation and operation directly from your mobile phone. The camera is solar-powered, so you do not need to plug it into a power source.
The camera’s battery’s charge during the daylight, enabling the battery power to run the camera at night.
No WI-FI is required for operation as the CCTV camera works over the mobile 4G band, data is sent in the same way as your smartphone connects to the internet.


Solar powered 4G camera with night vision, no power or internet Wi-Fi required.

The Solar powered 4G camera is the ultimate in remote CCTV, so it operates over the 4G mobile phone network for viewing over the internet, no Wifi is required.
You connect to the camera with your phone by opening the free application included with the camera, so no monthly fees.

The Solar powered 4G camera is equipped with auto night illumination.

The CCTV camera has auto night vision and is powered by the camera’s internal batteries, enabling the system to work through the night. The Solar powered 4G camera charges the batteries throughout the day, so the camera can work at night. No power supply is required to operate the cameras night vision.

Battery charging is achieved during the day light through solar charging.

Power is stored in the day to allow the camera to work at night, one day’s worth of sunlight / daylight is all that’s required. This provides the system with enough power to keep the camera running for a few days with unparalleled performance.

The perfect surveillance camera is fully remote and self-sufficient.

Excellent for monitoring anything from anywhere, get instant notifications direct to your smartphone as soon as the camera detects movement. Get movement alerts whether its night or day. The camera switches to night infrared automatically as the daylight fades. The combined systems provide full power 24 hours a day. Full power is achieved by batteries, solar, and intelligent standby, ready to send you movement alerts.

Incredible performance over 4G.

The camera has incredible imaging over the mobile phone network. The resolution is excellent in high definition with crystal clear clarity. The camera works perfectly with iPhone and Android phones. The camera is ideal for monitoring any area where there is no wifi.

Ultra-low power consumption.

The power consumption benefits from an Intelligent energy-saving system, with added solar charging capability. The camera is pretty much maintenance-free throughout the year. Super practical and environmentally friendly, this Solar-powered 4G camera is a fantastic product. It has high-definition video at 1080P image quality, and streams live footage as it saves history for review at any time. The control is actioned though the free application loaded on a smartphone, so you do not have to remove the SD card to view the video footage.

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