White noise generator audio anti spy device

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White noise generator microphone stopper is an Audio anti eavesdropping device designed to stop microphones recording.

Please note this device does not use RF frequency during operation frequencies.

Simply turn the device on to generate white noise to disrupt clear recording of private conversations.

White noise generator microphone stopper.

(Please note this device does not use RF frequency during operation)

This white noise generator is an audio scrambler and will defeat all microphones digital and analogue due of the way it works, the sound jamming system affects microphones in a different way to a conventional audio jammer.
This device has been on the world market for over 15 years copied many times by different manufacturers. This original device still works well, an old classic we have sold for over 10 years. Some systems are simply affective and this white noise generator will always work regardless of the bug being used to record your conversations or sound. (Even defeats the mighty Knowles microphone) The white noise generator or Microphone stopper is crewed and emits a white noise that all can hear however this sound is not random and has been special prepared to oscillate at a unique sound frequency affecting, destroying the sound harmonics of a typical voice frequency.

You can physically hear this white noise but used as designed you will mask the sound of your voice and defeat any bugging systems microphone. There will never be a better device for disrupting or masking sound, this white noise generator will do the job every time, crewed as it may be it will always be an old favourite with guaranteed results.
Trusting a ultrasonic wave jammer presents unknowns during operation, is the system affecting digital microphones.

In all our tests we found 50% of digital microphones would record as usual, no good?
Seems like high tech equipment is not always the best TSCM. This genuine white noise generator works every time regardless of microphone and simply can not be beaten on performance.

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