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Vehicle tracking is easy with our GPS devices

GPS tracking

Car tracker for automotive logistics, or secretly.

Our unique car tracker works with & without its covert magnetic case, GPS reception connects from under the car’s chassis. The car tracker also works from inside the car too, so you have options offering flexible deployment. Our tracker has a dedicated panic button for security applications, & general SOS alert.

SOS panic alert.

The user, with the tracker to hand, pushes the panic button in case of emergency, once pressed the device alerts pre-programmed receivers. The tracker’s panic status works with phone numbers and emails, showing the location of the device in real time. Our vehicle tracking device is very adaptable, so it’s ideal for any vehicle tracking & security protection scenario.

Don’t be a victim, fit a car tracker for security.

Did you know vehicles get stolen every three minutes in the UK? Within 48 hours most stolen vehicles have left the UK, often exported abroad or stripped down and sold off in parts. The GPS car tracker offers instant notifications to your phone once the vehicle moves. You might also want to contact your insurance company too, as most insurance companies offer a discount on premiums if the vehicle has a tracking device.

GPS magnetic tracker & covert magnetic case.

The tracker and the covert magnetic case work together seamlessly. We provide the device with a Pay as you go sim card offering global support & coverage. The hidden case option gives you a covert tracking solution without any contract or risk. EG: if the tracker becomes lost, then you’re free from any contractual commitments. Ideal for security & surveillance on any vehicle.

Our automated vehicle tracking system are easy to use.

Your trackers locations automatically update in your mapping account. The car tracker quickly shows you the location live, with history. You adjust tracking behaviour on-demand through the mapping account. Moreover, you command the tracking device from your mobile phone, changing all the aspects of the tracking system, as required.

Supported tracking products.

vehicle tracking

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