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Covert coin storage hidden compartment.

Our covert storage coin is formed in a 10p piece, offering the user ultimate security, for transporting private data by concealing an SD memory card inside the coin. The storage coin is a low tech solution that is almost impossible to spot.

History of covert coin storage.

An FBI investigation grew out of the discovery of a container disguised as a U.S. coin and containing a coded message, eventually found to concern espionage activities of William August Fisher (a.k.a. Rudolf Ivanovich Abel) on behalf of the Soviet Union.

covert coin microfilm

During the Cold War, spies from both the East & West utilised specially modified coins to covertly transport messages between their networks. In times of old, technology was not as advanced as it is today, there were no micro sd cards. Instead agents & spies alike, would use the secret hollowed out coins to transport microfilm & secret cyphers written on small bits of paper.

How the covert storage coin works.

The coin is very easy to use, the centre area of the coin is removed to reveal a storage compartment big enough to house a micro SD card. Once the card is placed in the coin’s compartment, the back is then pressed into place. The coin is identical to other coins and blends in with a pocket full of change.

SD card

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covert coin storage


Covert coin storage
covert coin storage

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