surveillance electronics and counter surveillance devices

Surveillance electronics can work in a variety of different ways?

Spycraft the business.
Welcome to our classic English spy shop based online since 1996 - if you are looking for security electronics and counter surveillance bug sweep services then you have come to the right place, we hire too, you can buy or hire GPS trackers from us.
We stock a board selection of spy equipment and products uniquely selected and designed for surveillance and counter bugging security within the investigation world of hidden spy electronics. We also provide diplomatic grade encrypted phones and computers for organisations, VIP’s and the general public.

Experienced mind set.
In business for more than 30 years we have worked with just about everyone and seen it all, maybe?
Currently we continue to push the industry with cutting edge products that address real situations when working in the field. We provide security consultations and products both general products and specialist professional systems. In some special cases we will develop for you depending on the requirement and volume.

Did you know some of the best spy products never reach the main stream industry because the experts who are highly creative, are so busy in development they don’t have time to market the items they create? 

Spy products the paradox of this scenario
It’s true that the internet is flooded with products that promise so much but deliver so little?
During the early years we manufactured many wonderful products similar to the items you might find in a James bond film. We no longer manufacture cheap electronics as it’s simply not cost effective to do this anymore.

With thousands of products coming onto the market from China and the Far East you really have a great choice, far more comprehensive then you would have had 30 years ago. Although only 40% of the products are actually worth buying due to pour design or functionality, some items arrive in pieces before you even open the box, other products work great for five minutes, strange but true.

Other products from China are excellent but might suffer from a difficult to understand menu or process of operation, this adds even more disappointment when you’re trying to decide what to use.
Sure you can just buy loads of products if you like the look of them and hopefully if the product arrives you can have a look and decide, if you have the time to possibly be disappointed. 
If you have been overwhelmed by the choice of just what to pick in the super market, then you might struggle picking the right spy electronic device for you. After all how can you know just from a picture and some information that sounds fantastic?


Here are some old basic bugging devices to look out for.


spy bugs



The question is what product do you buy? 
There is more bad news and importing products will cost you in import duty / taxes then if you need to return it there is a cost associated to that too. I am sure you have experienced most of this if you have purchases from China or similar country’s on the other side of the world.

The same could be said for counter surveillance electronics and bug detectors etc. first of all do you know how to test a bug detector, secondly do you know what you’re looking for with the bug detector that you have not tested?
As you can see this business is compounded with issues unless you’re a techy or armature radio boffin.

Working with us direct
Our selection of surveillance electronics and counter surveillance systems for sale are all tested and approved. We have many years of experience and advanced specialist personnel who have worked in the electronics Research and development business all their lives. Many of us have also worked from a selection of security organisations over the years so we are not only versed in electronics but also understand the spy electronics environment.  
Our web site represents a life time’s experience in electronics, security, retail, and counter TSCM services.
Purchasing and supplying spy products over the years has also given us a good idea of what’s out there in the public domain and the professional environment, this also gives us an edge when providing a comprehensive counter surveillance bug sweep service and consultation.
We have a good idea what’s actually possible and we know what’s highly unlikely, although experiment and test is king, there are some things that are simply sway about in myth.

Basic working specifications of typical spy devices:  

  • GSM & GPRS data based
  • Radio signal RF based
  • MP3 recording
  • Burst transmission & spread spectrum 
  • Vox voice activation based
  • Covert hidden microphones
  • Internet iP wifi based acquisition 
  • Computer malware & Trojan based
  • Smart phone spy ware based products

Electronic bug sweep services.
It’s useful to consider that all the devices above represent an old threat and although still used today they command inspection much lower down the essential sweep list. Unfortunately these devices can never be over looked as that would be a major flaw on a bug sweep or similar test.

Prioritising the task will save you time and money as you can target the area of interest focusing around the area of real interest expelling the work load.
Being able to understand the possibilities allows us to work much more efficiently.
This might allow you to commission us for a preliminary bug sweep rather than a full electronic counter surveillance test.


Low tech rules sometimes?