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Wi-Fi spy camera clock streams live video on your phone.

The Wi-Fi spy camera clock offers live video & audio surveillance, so its idea for monitoring a bedroom or any rooms in the house. Suspect a partner of cheating? Get the proof you need. The camera acts as a burglar alarm too, sending movement notifications to your phone.

Remote Wi-Fi spy camera clock.

The Wi-Fi spy camera clock links wirelessly to your router, allowing you to view live video through the app on your phone. Remote monitoring is free through the internet, no monthly fees or charges. Because the camera uses Wi-Fi, your phone does not reveal its details, like phone number or IMEI number. The camera ensures anonymous monitoring, so the system offers some privacy & protection.

The Wi-Fi spy camera clock is permanently powered.

The camera clock is permanently powered by the mains through a USB lead, the power lead is a standard micro USB lead & connector. Mobile phone charging is fast and easy, phone charging works in the regular way.

Wi-Fi spy camera clock

Camera video storage.

There is an SD memory card for recording video. Stored video is accessible by remote, through your phone app. Playback is instant & controlled through the app. There is no need to remove the memory card to view saved video. Recording is on loop, data storage is adjustable through the camera cocks menu.

Wi-Fi spy camera clock night vision.

The camera clock might be the perfect device, for catching a cheating partner, moreover the clock has night vision. The clock digests are quite bright, as you would expect from a digital clock, this helps with night vision illumination. The spy clock blends in with most household items & would not look out of place in any room.

No internet, no problem.

The spy clock connects to WIFI? if you do not have access to WIFI, then it’s not the end of the world. Connect the clock to our special mobile Wi-Fi modem & internet package. The modem is mobile and offers a WIFI file anywhere. Plug the modem into the power, anywhere in the house, and connect the spy clock to the WIFI.

Movement notification.

Having the ability to get live push notifications to your phone, is ideal for keeping an eye on any area or room. Moreover, the internet provides a great conduit for viewing live video in real time. The covert camera lens is behind the clock face. The camera lays in weight, like a mouse trap, ready to capture any movement event.

The clock is inconspicuous as it looks like a wireless phone charger.

Typical uses.

  • Home.
  • Bedroom.
  • Office.
  • Shop.
  • Camper van.
  • Boat.


  • Wi-Fi spy camera clock.
  • 4GB SD card.
  • Charging lead.
  • Instructions.
  • UK mains Plug.

Please see our micro voice bug device for an alternative.

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Wi-Fi spy camera clock & charger


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Wi-Fi spy camera clock & phone charger.
Wi-Fi spy camera clock & charger

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