USB bugging device hidden in a usb phone lead

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The USB spy lead has a hidden microphone and sim card inserted in the connector enabling you to call it from your mobile phone and listen to all the voice conversations in the immediate area.
The lead will fit most mobile phone power connection ports, mainly Samsung or more appropriately any Micro USB port on any device.
The lead has a standard USB on one end that will fit any computer or cigarette lighter USB plug running on the standard 5v DC power, this lead will work with just about any electronic USB device and mobile phone. This bug is hard to spot and may have continues power depending on weather the user has it permanently plugged in or disconnected. simply call it from your mobile phone to hear all the sounds with in the vicinity room or car.

Hidden AUDIO bug hidden in a standard USB phone lead.


This charger lead has a regular micro USB connector at one end fits all devices, the other end is a standard computer USB connector.

The lead fits typical Samsung phones and Adroid smart phones. S7,S8,S9 etc.
The lead contains a hidden GSM listening device inside.

This real life working charger lead can be used as a charger for phones and other gadgets with a standard micro USB port.
The sensitive microphone has a high gain microphone for clear audio.
Power is a standard 5vDC used by almost all USB type devices including your phone and computers.

It's something you could swap over easily as long as it was used you could have complete coverage 24 hours a day.

Hard to spot this state of the art lead is one of the new wave of micro bugs coming out of the world market very sinister indeed.

Sim card included pre-installed and checked at dispatch.


  • Gsm voice monitor
  • Voice actives
  • Call back function/dialling back
  • Smallest security device
  • Support Position
  • Support USB charger
  • Compatible with GSM SIM cards only(See the picture Model B


  • Bands: 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800mhz, 1900mhz
  • SIM card audio bugging device with high-sensitivity microphone that can monitor the surrounding sounds at the same time.
  • Listening distance up to 15 m.
  • No light after installed Sim card about 10 second ,it's will turn on
  • Position : send Message DW to the SIM card
  • Sound Recall: Send Message 1111 to the Sim card ,First use ,please call and communicate about 30 Second
  • Send Message 0000 to end of the Sound Recall
  • Dial the SIM number and you can monitor the voices or sounds around the bug.
  • Highly covert, not easy to discover.
  • Interfaces: Android and Apple Available.
  • Size:1 PCS for Android/1 PC for iPhone
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