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Tiny voice recorder ideal for voice recording.

Our tiny voice recorder captures secret recordings. Have you ever wondered how elderly relatives are treated in their care home, and children with the babysitter? Our little voice bug reveals all,  works for hours, saving the audio for playback at any time. Small and light, ideal for placing it in any room.

The tiny voice recorder is a great value spy gadget.

Our device costs a fraction of the price, compared to some other spy gadgets in the same class. The battery lasts for the best part of a day on one charge, the standard memory is enough to store all the recorded files.

Tiny voice recorder playback.

The device connects by 3.5mm audio Jack plug, the same as your iPhone or Android smartphone. Play back on any computer or phone, like an MP3 player. Earphones included, plug in and play back directly from the spy device.

Id the tiny voice recorder easy to use?

No software or special drivers needed. Crystal clear voice recording, unlike many other voice recorders on the market. The device has voice activation, so it’s great for monitoring loved ones or general use. Reliable and simple to use, a very effective recording device for any surveillance task.

Ideal for basic covert tasks:

  • Recording meetings.
  • Security recording.
  • Recording car conversations.
  • Room surveillance.
  • Telephone conversations.


  • Tiny voice recorder.
  • Charging lead (USB).
  • Earphones.
  • Instructions.

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Tech Specs

  • Recording format: WAV.
  • Sound format: MP3/WMA/WAV.
  • Recording bit rate: 192K bps.
  • Recording time: about 96-150 hours.
  • Support system: Win98 and above.
  • Flash memory:8GB.
  • Battery charging time: approx 3 hours.
  • Power supply: recording/playing 8 hours.
  • Power: lithium battery.
  • Input: DC 5V.
  • Size: 47 x 15mm x 5mm (LxWxH)

Operating instructions

Tiny voice recorder.

  • Plug the lead into the jack on the Tiny voice recorder.
  • Plug the USB lead into any user power port or computer.
  • Charge the device for at least 5 hours first charge.
  • Remove the device from the charger lead.
  • Turn the toggle switch to the on position, the device is now recording.
  • Turn the toggle switch to the off position, the device has stopped recording.
  • Plug the Tiny voice recorder into your computer and turn on the power toggle switch, if the computer USB port does not recognise the device automatically.
  • Supports widows operating systems.
  • The device can also work on MAC but may need a driver downloaded, if prompted please install the driver.
  • Open a window to the Tiny voice recorder, navigate to the device with in windows.
  • Cut and past to save files and or delete files from the Tiny voice recorders storage.

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Great bug for the car, I am done with it now so I don’t suppose you would you like to buy it back ?
Only joking its proper handy thanks 🙂

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Tiny voice recorder for audio


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Tiny voice recorder.
Tiny voice recorder for audio

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