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The stethoscope wall microphone allows you to listen through solid brick walls.

Find out what the neighbours really think about you?

The stethoscope wall microphone enables you to listen through solid brick walls. The wall mic is the ultimate surveillance device for listening to the neighbours next door? The stethoscope device amplifies the sound, so you can hear the conversation clearly like you were standing in the room.

Professional microphone with crystal clear audio.

You will not believe the clarity of the spy microphone, and once you have used one, you will want to keep hold of it. The wall microphone works in principle, like a stylist needle on a record player, turning vibrations into audio. Moreover, good wall mic’s are the best choice for picking up the faintest sound through any solid partition, like the type found in a building.

The wall microphone aids any investigation. You don’t have to be a private detective to operate this device. The wall microphone is a classic spy device that is easily understood by anyone and used accordingly.

Stethoscope wall microphone

Stethoscope wall microphone set.

  • Regular listening probe.
  • Needle probe.
  • System sound filtering.
  • Recording output.

Stethoscope wall microphone & the next door neighbour.

The perfect wall microphone for anyone with problem neighbours, especially if you’re concerned about the people next door? Find out precisely what neighbours are doing, for your security, moreover, record the voice conversations. Ideal for gathering audio information in any scenario.

Incredible sound with two probes.

The wall mic, with high gain ceramic microphone, is made from stainless steel & both microphones are included in the set. The ceramic mike has a magnetic base with a central needle connected to the ceramic sensor.

The system converts sound vibrations, into electrical audio signals. The unit incorporates audio filters for control & adjustment, allowing the enhancement or rejection of different sound harmonics. The new wall microphone set has two probes in total to ensure performance in most environments.


  • Wall microphone.
  • Wall probe.
  • Needle probe.
  • Earphones.
  • Instructions.
  • Case.

Please see our GSM bugging device with needle microphone.

Weight 1.2 kg

Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

The wall microphone has two probes, you should follow the basic operational recommendations when using the microphone probes to avoid damage.

  • Ceramic microphone.

Once pressed to a wall, the ceramic microphone picks up the sound and automatically relays it to the processing unit, and you can hear the audio. You will want to move the microphone to different places on the wall, CAUTION, do not slide the microphone along the wall? The microphone has a very secretive needle in the center, sliding the microphone along the wall will damage the microphone component, in the mic.

  • Moving the microphone.

Take the mike away from the wall, then place it against the wall, in the new position. Avoiding any sliding action along the wall. Using the ceramic mike in this fashion will ensure the needle is not damaged.

  • Needle microphone.

The needle microphone is designed to fit into cracks in a wall or “optional” drilled whole in any object or wall. Enabling the tip of the microphone to be closer through the sold material. Always be carful if drilling a whole into anything, drilling wholes should only be done by experienced professionals. Spycraft and its networks do not accept responsibility or liability or damage caused by the user of the wall microphone.

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wall microphone

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Stethoscope wall microphone.
wall microphone

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