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Nokia 6120 spy phone GSM bugging device works as a conventional mobile phone.

The spy phone works like a regular phone but it’s a GSM bugging device inside it. The phone has some special settings, for example, it looks like it’s switched off. But the phone is actually switched on, in surveillance mode. The phone has a secret microphone that allows you to listen in to voice conversations in the room or car. Another setting allows the phone to send you copies of text messages without the user knowing.

Surveillance phone deployment.

The spy phone is Ideal for many applications as well as basic room bugging, the phone looks and works like a regular mobile phone so it’s hard to spot & can be easily overlooked.

spy phone
  • Covert call in listening device.
  • GSM Room monitoring.
  • Phone seems turned off (Fake off)
  • Forward copy sms messages.
  • Long standby.
  • Unlocked sim compatibility.

The phone waits for a call to come in from the spymasters number. Once the call arrives the phone covertly opens its sensitive microphone, allowing you to hear all the voice conversations in the room.

Covert phone activation.

The spy phone does not show any notifications when you call it from your pre-programmed number. No notifications or ringing sounds will alert anyone that you are listening in.

Send copy text messages.

The text message functions will allow you to receive any text messages sent and received from the spy phone. Monitor the text message content and listen in through the amplified microphone with simple operation, easy to use and very effective.

Our spy phone catches cheating partners.

Ideal for catching out cheating partners or employees who may be up to no good. Some room bugs might be a little obvious to spot but our spy phone offers the hidden factor for GSM bugging.

The phone is easy to use.

If you have struggled with spy software or spy phones in the past, don’t worry you can rest assured this one is easy and simple to use.

Battery backup.

The budget price is great, in comparison to some GSM bugs, and you get good battery standby, due to the large battery pack on the phone.


  • Spy phone. (Nokia 6120)
  • Charger.
  • Sim card.
  • Instructions.

Please see our covert USB bugging plug.

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Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Surveillance mode: Call the pre programed number in the phone and listen through the phone’s microphone to all the sound sin the area.
  • SMS Forwarding: Forwards incoming or outgoing text messages to a number of your choice.
  • Incoming SMS Blocker: Block or allow some or all incoming text messages to the phone – if forwarding is enabled, you receive a copy. The phone will not show the discarded text message.
  • Outgoing SMS Blocker: Block or allow some or all outgoing text messages. If forwarding is enabled, you receive a copy. The phone will show that the text has been sent, even though it has not.
  • SMS Proxy: Send a text message through the phone to any destination in an invisible manner, so that it looks as if it was sent by the phone itself.
  • SMS Spoofing: You can send a text message to the phone with a modified originating phone number.
  • Open to most networks: Put any sim card into the phone.
  • Works as a regular phone: Hard to spot that its a spy phone as it works like any other Nokia.

operating instructions

Pre Defined Number (PDN).

The PND is the phone number of the phone you wish to control the spy phone from (make spy calls to it, receive copy texts from it etc). The first thing to do is to tell the spy phone what the PDN is. For example, if your PDN is 07745123456, send a text message from the PDN phone to the spy phone just like this (only substitute your number for the example number 07745123456 ):

0000111  07745123456 (note the space between the command and the phone number)

You will receive a text message notification which says INFO: PDN defined as 07745123456.

Next, activate ALL the features. Send this text from the PDN to the spy phone: 0000222  1
(note the space before the 1).

You will now receive a text message notification which says INFO: All features activated.


Commands summary:

ALL features  0000222
(This activates all functions below)


Spyphone  0000333

Text Forward  0000444

Text Alert  0000555

Intercept   0000666
(Intercept only if the target user is on contract)


Boot/SIM  0000777

Location Info  0000888

Restart  0000999

Status  0000000


After each command leave a    space   followed by 1 to activate or a 0 to deactivate. EG: To activate al features: test message body would be 0000222  1

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Nokia spy phone


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Spy phone Nokia 6120 for listening in.
Nokia spy phone

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