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Secret ballpoint spy pen with hidden microphone ideal for recording meetings & voice conversations.

The ideal spy pen voice recording during a meeting. Perfect for recording conversations, our audio spy pen is almost impossible to spot. The spy pen looks and works just like a regular ballpoint pen. Pressing the ballpoint button activates record mode, operated just like a regular pen. Moreover, there are no fiddly buttons, for example, the record button is in the top plunger, so recording is instant with one push.

The secret spy pen with noise cancelling mike.

The premium microphone ensures quality recordings, as the system has noise cancelling with high definition recording capability. The internal control chips are high definition ensuring excellent audio quality during recording, and playback. With time and day stamps, you are able to capture all the proof you need. The pen is ideal for recording all meetings or learning scenarios, like recording lectures and similar, for private reference.

Quick record activation mode.

The spy pen is high quality with some exceptional features. Predominantly one button press to start and stop recording perfect for covert recording scenarios & proof recording. No one will know you started recording by simply pressing the top plunger. It’s a normal action to press the top of a ballpoint pen before you use it. Moreover the unassuming pen does not give away its sinister secret with obvious play or record buttons.

Don’t lose recordings?

The recording device also has a very desirable safety system built-in for saving captured data. If the battery gets low, the pen automatically saves any captured audio. The spy pen also saves any recording captured as soon as you switch it off. So one press of the ballpoint button, and you can be sure you have the record you need.

With excellent build quality, our pen should not be confused with cheap camera pens or audio pens found on the internet, in short the spy pen is of premium design and operation. Covert and hard to spot as a recording device. Plugs directly into a computer USB port for playback or transfer of audio files.

No software is required.

Works with Apple Mac and Windows computers.


  • Spy pen.
  • Charging lead.
  • Manual.
  • Earphones.

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Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • One-touch recording starts/stop.
  • Recording time 10 hours.
  • Format: WMA / WAV / MP3.
  • Recording Format: WAV.
  • Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃.
  • Recording Sample Rate: 48KHZ.
  • Bits: 192KBPS.
  • Performance working time: 192h / 16GB continuously recording.

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En vidunderlig pen og præcis hvad jeg troede det ville være.

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audio spy pen

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Spy pen audio recording device.
audio spy pen

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