spy camera wrist watch for Women waterproof night vision and audio

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This spy camera watch for women comes in a pink ladies design secret spy camera and microphone comes with night vision, the watch is also waterproof.

Women’s spy watch (Hidden HD camera with audio)

This watch looks like any colourful fun and stylish women’s watch, with bright pink leather strap and fun colour flowered watch face.

Prefect for hiding its sinister hidden high resolution video camera.

Capture all the action for fun or security filming, the hard to spot pin whole camera in the watch is dissipated by the colourful design, the pattern creates a good miss direction at a glance and will stop people from spotting that the watch hides a sinister recorder.

In an ever increasing dangerous world we find ourselves not only having to protect ourselves from others but having to prove we did not break the law, this watch providers the user with concrete evidence on video with audio, video always tells the truth?


Use it in a club or dark walkway in any situation; don’t feel intimidated any more, now you can prove you are being harassed by any one.

Not this time no problem you got it on video !

It’s hard to say what Police will or will not investigate but you can be sure video does not lie.
The simple to active the cameras, just requires one pushed and it will be activated instantly recording all the action.
Spycraft have selected this watch for several reasons including its easy to use functions.
Both men and women can struggle with technical equipment; this watch is quick and easy to use.
Not everyone it a tech and some things are so cumbersome to work out or use in a normal situation.
When the adrenalin is flowing you need to be quick and having “OneTouch” activation goes a long way when time is short.


Special hidden functions.

  • HD high resolution video camera 1920* 1080P
  • 30 frames per second
  • Take still shots or record HD video with crystal clear audio
  • Hidden spy microphone
  • Waterproof to 3 ATM (This is not a divers watch)
  • Night vision (Auto built in illuminators for night vision)
  • Built in flash memory 8Gb
  • Battery support time 1.5 hours
  • Power supply 5vDC (Will work with most USB car chargers

Package Included:

  • HD Waterproof Camera 
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
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