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The Solo mini tracker is ideal for tracking any car or vehicle.

The Solo mini tracker gives you all the GPS tracking features you might want from a car tracker, so tracking on a budget is no problem. This little tracker gives you live tracking updates & works autonomously to scheduled updates or triggers.

The Solo tracking totally anonymous.

The car tracker reports in two different ways, so you have options using the device. There is a free tracking application for your phone, so you don’t pay any server fees. Server access is free of charge, & the tracking application is free, with the device. All you pay for is the data on the sim card inside the tracker.

Magnetic & waterproof ideal for car tracking.

Car tracking is easy with the solo mini tracker, it’s magnetic & works inside the car or outside the car, on the vehicle’s metal body. The tracker is waterproof & strong, making it perfect for tracking the car.

Solo mini tracker

Totally stealth GPS tracker.

  • No server costs.
  • Anonymous control.
  • iPhone & Android app.
  • P*A*Y*G sim card option.
  • Magnetic & waterproof.
  • 30 days power.

The Solo tracker real time tracking modes.

  • Vibration trigger mode (25 days standby) active triggered locations on movement.
  • Power saving mode (30 days standby) location tracking on demand.

Set the mini tracking device into auto report mode, by selecting the option in the application. Or use any of the other modes for perfect tracking performance. The tracker has a tremble mode that send a location as soon as it moves, so you do not have to keep an eye on the device waiting for something to happen.

History & Autoroute playback.

Should you want to check where the tracker has been, you open the app on your phone, click the dates and watch the device move along the mapping screen. If a cheating lover is visiting a location of interest, you will clearly see all the movement on the app.


  • Solo mini tracker.
  • Charging lead.
  • UK Plug.
  • Operating manual.
  • Free tracking application.

Please see our dedicated GPS tracking devices.

Sim card options

Free sim P*A*Y*G, 1GB data sim, 4 GB data sim


Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Vibration trigger mode (25 days standby)
  • Active triggered locations on movement.
  • Power saving mode (30 days standby)
  • Location tracking on demand.
  • SOS mode 4 days of consecutive live tracking.
  • Unlocked for most sim cards.
  • Free tracking application (no monthly charges)
  • Smartphone Application (Pay As you go sim card or contract)
  • Geo fence alert into/out off Geo-fence alarm
  • Speeding alert.
  • Low power alarm.
  • Movement alarm.
  • add vibration alarm (optional )
  • SOS alarm.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Strong magnet.
  • 6000ma long standby 30 days plus.
  • AGPS function (receives GPS signals faster)
  • built in memory, (plots locations & uploads as soon as it has a network)
  • 2G sim cards recommended.

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Tracker been working for 10 days and is 78% I like the auto rout playback feature.

Support @ Spycraft

Hi thanks for your feedback, please login to your tracker using your credentials, the address and URL for a computer browser is in the instruction booklet. You can use the system with your PC online, there is no extra costs for this service. Please drop us a line if you have any difficulties.


Tracker is working fine and still going – I would like to also use it on my compute through, but on the phone is ok too.

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Solo mini tracker


Solo mini GSM tracker.
Solo mini tracker

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