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Specially selected spy phone are more than efficient when they work well.

Spycraft have had many spy phone products and software packs over the years and initially stopped supplying the products due to pour performance and reliability.
Although the products did work quite well - they just did not provide good stability to supply to the end user who had no technical experience.
Professionals managed to use the kit without issue but the environment was problematic as Google often changed policies and operating systems on their popular Android handsets causing the spy software systems and handsets to malfunction or drop out altogether.

Recently we are proud to announce a revolution in spy phones and software packages - so we are now offering some limited products in this area once again.
We were impressed with some new systems from our network and in tests the results where fantastic over a period of 3 months.

This area will expand slowly as we have several products currently half way through testing and will add them if they pass the stringent testing programs with positive results.