Classic bugging device GSM room bug also ideal for the car external power option

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This old classic comes in a modern design; this GSM room bugging device uses the mobile phone network to send sound notifications to your mobile phone, with good build quality and a micro usb port for charging, extending the battery life with a backup battery pack or just use it in normal mode.
Call it from any phone and it will allow you to listen to all the sounds in the vicinity including voice conversation. The voice activation notification is programmable by sms message, simple send a text command to the bug from your phone to switch voice activation on or of.

Room and car bug

This is the ultimate in covert room surveillance. Simply insert a sim card as you would in an ordinary mobile phone and place the device in the target area. You can now call the device using a telephone from anywhere you like; the device will automatically activate allowing you to hear all conversations up to 35 feet away from the device with crystal clarity. This item can be used in standard mode requiring you to call the bug from your cell phone to listen or voice activation mode, the bug will call your mobile phone when it detects sound. The bug has two microphones and good sound quality. This is a good quality GSM Global listening bug and far superior to similar devices being offered on the web. Please note that this item will not work with the 3 network and some! O2 sim cards

Typical uses.
Ideal for listening to vehicle conversations of room conversations as well as monitoring remote locations or holiday homes EG: villas abroad or boats, this device can be used for just about anything and will work worldwide in most counters, the device will call you as soon as it hears sound alerting you to the presence of an intruder etc.


  • High gain microphone
  • Up to 5 hours continuous usage
  • Most GSM SIM card compatible
  • Microphone range: up to 40 feet
  • Receive sensitivity: -+ 10k
  • Working temp: -35~50 degrees C
  • Responding frequency: 1.2k~800khz 
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charger: Via mains power 100v - 240v ac or with pc USB lead 
  • Stand-by time: Up to 3 days
  • Dimension: 45 x 32 x 9 mm
  • OPTIONAL Extended battery pack, (please see accessories
More Information
VideoGSM Spy bug with voice activation The GSM spy bug is very simple to set up and use. You will need to slide off the cover and charge the device using either a mains USB adaptor/charger or USB lead with a PC/TV. Charging should take no longer than 2 - 3 hours. When charging, the red LED will flash and stop flashing when fully charged. When fully charged, you will require a GSM sim card. This can be a prepaid (pay as you go) type or contract sim and depending on the type used, you should not need to have credit on the card if you are just calling into the bug and do not require call back. Simply insert the sim taking care inserting it the correct way round, the diagram on the bug shows the correct way to insert it. When this has been done, the device will turn on and a small red LED will display to show it is in operation for about 2 seconds and then go off. Wait about 30 seconds more for the device to register and simply call the sim card number from anywhere in the world. It will silently call the device which will then discreetly answer and the two small high gain microphones will pick up all sounds in the area. When the sim card has been removed, the bug will automatically switch off. Please note that when inserting the sim card, it must be pushed in fully and the cover replaced.Please note: some UK O2 sim cards will not work with this device. IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have inserted the sim card and waited 30 seconds, you will need to send a text to the bug with 0000 (four zero’s) this will deactivate the voice activation mode. If you later, require voice activation, simply text 1111 If you do not send the code, then after the first call of 4 seconds, the bug will be in voice activated mode. When sending the text messages, the bug will reply with text confirmation but ONLY if there is credit on the sim. Microphone sensitivity adjustment: It is possible to adjust the microphone sensitivity. Factory setting is 80 but you can set it to between 30 - 100, 30 being less sensitive and 100 being more sensitive. To do this, simply send a text with: level,100# that would set the sensitivity to 100. The bug will reply with text confirmation but ONLY if there is credit on the sim. If you are experiencing problems operating the bug, please make sure you are in a good signal strength area. Most sim cards like T-mobile, EE, Orange, Virgin, Vodafone will work ok but some like O2, Tesco, three can be a problem.
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