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Our new HD remote body cam is disguised in a shirt button, & activated by remote control.

Our remote control body cam offers high definition video & audio, the camera pinhole lens is disguised in the centre of the shirt button. The body worn camera is ideal for blending into any item of clothing & can also be fitted into a bag or accessory. The pinhole spy camera is self-contained, so there’s no need to run wires under your clothes. It surely is one of the best covert cameras you will find for secret filming, at a very modest price.

Remote control activation ideal for power standby.

The body cam has a built-in rechargeable battery that poweres the device for up to ninghty minuets. Unlike many cameras the remote body cam is activated with a tiny remove control fob, so you start recording when you need to capture a specific moment.

Activating the record mode is done by pressing the record button on the remote control, with your hand in a pocket or in a bag? This process ensures your camera has full recording capacity ready when you really need it. Recharging the battery is easy with a standard micro USB power lead or phone charger.

remote body cam

Ultimate remote body cam.

  • HD camera.
  • Remote control activation.
  • SD card storage 128Mb.
  • 90 minutes recording time.
  • Light weight.
  • Small & compact.

Charging the camera’s battery is achieved by plugging into any USB power port on any computer. The battery performance will rival most hidden camera products, but far superior as you have the option to remotely activate the cam when you need to record, the body cam has a built-in spy microphone for capturing audio too.

The new HD body cam is tiny in size, & light weight.

If you need to record video & audio covertly without others being suspicious, then this button camera is ideal. Small and compact, with no wires or parts. Our remote body cam is perfect for secret filming. The remote control activation option sets the gadget apart from many other cameras on the market at the same price. It really is the ultimate hidden recording device idea for all secret recording tasks.

High definition video & audio storage.

Our remote body cam offers good high definition video & audio considering its size & price. Recorded footage is saved to the camera’s memory card, the device supports up to 128Mb SD card so you wont run out of storage space. The SC card can be removed for playback on any computer or phone. (Micro SD card included)


  • Remote control.
  • Power lead.
  • Body cam.
  • Micro SD card included.
  • Operation manual.

See our video spy watch for similar body worn solution.

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Spycraft UK

Tech Specs


  • Video.
  • Audio.
  • HD video frames 30fps.
  • SD card storage up to 128Mb.
  • USB data transfer and charging.
  • Video Format: AVI / M-JPEG.
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080P.
  • Remote control range 4 meters.
  • Supporting Systems: Windows ME/ 2000/ 2003/ Vista/ 7/ XP.
  • Interface Type: USB.
  • Storage Capability: micro SD/TF card.
  • Charging time 3 hours.
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium battery 250mAh.
  • Recording time up to 90 minutes.
  • Dimension: 3.5 x 4 x 2 cm.

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remote body cam


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Remote body cam HD for covert video recording.
remote body cam

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