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Why does a bugging device need encryption?

The Professional bugging device is a unique, voice activated bug with encryption, for the ultimate in audio surveillance. As a pro surveillance device, it’s tiny and impossible to detect with a standard bug detector.

The bug does not transmit unlike many voice GSM bugs, this bugging device works by VOX mode, & is voice activated. The bug is ideal for just about any audio application and it’s programmable to standby for up to 6 years if required?

Professional bugging device VOX mode.

VOX (voice activation mode) The bug records sound with a secretive microphone. The receptivity is adjustable though the devices computer interface. It delivers super sensitive performance and has a Knowles microphone. Vox mode ensures audio recordings with out interruption, better for playback and review.

The bugging device is for professionals. Who understand the difference between cheap spy electronics. The bug is a state of the art surveillance products. Not a low-grade surveillance devices.

Professional bugging device encrypted playback.

Programmable with encrypted playback, with encrypted recordings on the fly, so only you can listen to the bug. To playback recordings you use a custom-designed interface program included with the set, this software works on most windows computers.

Professional bugging device superior standby time.

The bugging device has superiors standby time, almost defies logic and physics. The device offers the user pre-programed wake up at specific intervals. voice activation at specific dates and times allows the bug to be very flexible and stealth.

Software programmable interface.

The software interface is easy to use and self-explanatory, for example, you click boxes for what you want to activate.


The surveillance device is professional standard, & It offers security encryption. Only the user can play back the audio, with the associated password. The surveillance device offers password protection, making the audio secure. The recorded audio is not accessible without a password.


  • Bugging device
  • Charging lead.
  • Software.
  • Battery.

Please see our encrypted security flash drive.


Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Programmable standby time.
  • Windows encrypted interface.
  • Onboard memory capacity 4Gb.
  • Recorded files up to 2048 bit.
  • Special generator for ciphering keys.
  • Compresion support PCM, A-LAW, ADPCM.
  • Focus frequency adjustment 5461hz, 8000hz,11025hz, 16000hz, 22050hz.
  • VOX mode activation.
  • LED indication black out.
  • Very low current consumption.
  • Coin size device.
  • Knowles microphone SPU0410HR5H-1.
  • Omni-directional Sensitivity:-42dBA.
  • Battery 3v CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032.
  • Length: 31.0mm, Width: 21.8mm, Thickness: 8.5mm
  • Programmable microphone sensitivity.


  1. Before starting to use a NFR Dictaphone, it is necessary to install a software. 

Open the folder DRIVERS and install a necessary driver on your computer. 

What driver you need, you may look for the properties of your computer, having pressed the right button of the mouse on the label “my computer” and to select the insertion “properties”, having pressed it with the left button of the mouse. 

In the open insertion you will see the word length of your system 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits.

 Connect USB cable to the Dictaphone. 

Start the FRecord program, having clicked twice with the left button of the mouse at the file (FRecord.exe) . 

You will see the process of Dictaphone connection to the computer and a GREEN colour indicator glowing in the open window of the program. 

 In case of an unsuccessful Dictaphone connection to the computer, for example, (USB cable is damaged or the drivers, from the folder DRIVERS, are not installed), you will see a RED colour glowing of the indicator in the open program window. 

In case of the positive Dictaphone connection to the computer, you may proceed to a Dictaphone tuning. 

Description FRecord program “Saved records” – this page stores the whole history of audio records. In case of need to transfer the saved files to the computer, it is necessary to isolate the file or several files and to press the button “SAVE”. On the insertion “Saved records”, there is a MONITOR OF STATE of the recorder connection to a computer. 

A RED colour – Recorder is not connected. A YELLOW colour – Recorder tries to be connected. A GREEN colour – Recorder is connected to the computer. 

General tunings” – There are the following functions on this page: “Frequency of discretization” – A function for a quality record selection. “Compression” – A function to select the level of record compression. “Control” 

A function to select an activation of the following tunings: “Switching out of all LEDs” – This function allows switching off a LED at the time of active recording, in order to economise a power and to preserve a concealed mode of recording.

It should be noted that in the active mode with a switched-off function “Switching out of all LEDs” and the activated function “VOX switching”, a GREEN colour LED will light and continue to light, until coming silent. 

With coming silence, LED goes out and the recorder stops to record up to the next actuating signal. “VOX switching” – this function is designed for recording, when a signal is available. When the function “VOX switching” is activated and a signal appears, the recorder starts to record and stops it in 10 seconds following a record completion. 

One should remember that the active Enable VOX always has the time to continue a recording for 10 seconds and with the advent of silence, it stops recording in 10 seconds. “VOX sensitivity” 

This function operates when a function “VOX switching” is active. This function allows installing the necessary sensitivity of record activation with needed distance from 1 metre up to 10 and more metres. 

Approximate figures of this mode tuning are given in Table. “Circular recording”- this function activates a circular recording, removing the very first records. “Record ciphering” – activation of this function allows record files in the enciphered form. 

Upon activation of this function, one should proceed to the page “Additional tunings” – and to press the button “To make a new key”, then to put a cursor of computer mouse to the blue field and continue to move a cursor in the arbitrary way along the blue field, until a GREEN colour band, being below, completes its movement. 

Whereupon the program suggests You to save the file of the key with a personal name and extension( .KEY) . Save the file of this record. 

Also press the button “To save” and this key will be stored in the recorder. Be attentive, after this key storing in the recorder, all subsequent records will be ciphered, precisely, with this key and any deciphering with the other key will be impossible! 

Store this key file in the safe place. With its help, You will be able TO DECIPHER all recorded files. In case of loss of the key file, any DECIPHERMENT of the recorded files is impossible. “Recording by calendar”- this function allows producing a recording according to a calendar. 

For this, it is necessary to activate the function “Calendar is switched on”. If a function “ Calendar is switched off ” is activated, a recording is carried out continually. “Product ID number” – You may record any desired name, consisting of letters and digits. 

Additional tunings, there are the following functions in this insertion: “Files cutting” – this activated function also activates a runner “Duration of cutting”. This function allows record and store files of the determined length from 1 minute to 1 hour. 

“Time legend in active VOX” – This activated function permits to create a new file of recording with a time legend, giving the start of file formation in 5 seconds following the pause advent. 

For example, in the active function “VOX switching” or in the active function “Recording by calendar”. This function allows determining the time of start and end of recording. “To get the key of decipherment” – this function permits to get the key with which file recording was carried out in the coded form. “Open the coded file” – this function permits to open a coded file and then to decipher it. “Memory sectors’ ‘ – This page of the program allows estimating the memory circuit resources. “Languages’ on this page there is a possibility to change the language program interface. “Help” – In this page there is the operating instruction for a micro recorder NFR. In NFR Dictaphone, there is a possibility to determine its present condition (it is switched-on or is in the process of recording). 

In order to understand its condition, it is necessary to make a short press on the button. If the LED flashes with RED colour – a Dictaphone is switched off and no recording is carried out. 

If the LED flashes with GREEN colour – a Dictaphone is in the mode of recording. Battery replacement should be carried out strictly, as shown in Figure (1), paying attention to the positive and negative outputs. In case of improper battery connection, the recorder failure is possible. 

Battery replacement can be carried out in two ways: 1. Open a recorder casing and replace the battery. 2. Push out the battery through the hole, shown in Figure (2), without disassembling a recorder casing and insert a new battery.

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Professional bugging device

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Professional bugging device with advanced encryption.
Professional bugging device

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