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Power voice bug wired into a generic USB charger.

The power voice bug charging for any phone, but it has a secret voice monitoring device secreted in the charger.

Listen in, from any location with our power voice bug.

The secret voice bug is hidden in the power supply, and it looks similar to any USB mobile phone charger. No one would know, you were actively listening to the sounds & conversations in the room.

Compatible with Apple & Android devices.

The power voice bug works with any mobile phone or tablet, so its very flexible. Most phones charge with the USB port, as standard.

Sim card included & pre installed.

The device has a sim card pre-installed (Pay as you go) so there are no contracts to worry about. Call into this device from anywhere in the world, ideal for all security purposes. To use the call back function, the sim card in the bugging device requires credit preloaded. Loading credit is easy, and can be done online or by top up voucher.

Voice activation feature.

The bugging device has programmable voice activation that is switched on and off by remotely SMS message. To turn the voice mode on or off, you send a text message from your phone. In voice activation mode the device call’s your phone as soon as it hears sounds in the area. Very handy to ensure you listen in where the time is right.

The applications for this bugging device are infinite, monitor loved ones or be sure no one is entering your home when you are away. The bug is covertly hidden inside the charging plug.

Battery backup.

The USB power bug also has a backup battery, so even if it’s removed from the power supply, it will still work for up to 3 hours.


  • GSM power bugging device.
  • Sim card pre installed.
  • Spare sim cards.
  • Operating manual.

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Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • GSM triple band.
  • Standard mains power
  • Two spy microphones.
  • Voice activation.
  • Remote control by SMS.
  • USB power output standard 5v (Powers with most devices)

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power voice bug

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Power voice bug GSM.
power voice bug

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