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The MQ500 professional voice recorder is hidden inside a the power bank Ideal for audio recording.

The MQ500 professional voice recorder is ideal for recording voice conversations as it activates automatically. It has remarkable clarity, and the voice recorder will save up to 50 days of audio on one charge. The device is a professional voice recording spy unit for private detectives and private surveillance tasks.

MQ500 professional voice recorder battery.

The MQ500 looks and functions just like an ordinary portable battery charger, but feature a powerful microphone. Ultra sensitive the voice-amplification circuitry, captures voice sound up to 18 meters away.

The professional MQ500 works best in the car, as you don’t need to power it up from the vehicles power supply, for long term surveillance jobs. Moreover, if somebody looked at it, they would think its a phone charge bank, and not suspect it was a surveillance recorder.

Stand by time.

The MQ500’s high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides up to 150 days of voice-activated recording per charge. The unit is easy to recharge using any standard USB port. For example, imagine you left this recorder in an office or a car, for a week, and the device would still be working.

Easy to use.

The MQ500 is easy to use and has just one switch which doubles as a key chain or lanyard hook. To start recording in continuous mode, rotate the control towards the fixed-line.

For voice-activated recording, rotate the switch towards the two small dots. To stop recording, turn the switch back to the center position.

Easy playback.

To listen back to your recordings, connect the MQ500 to the USB port of any Windows or Mac computer. Your records save as high-quality MP3 files, deleted and shared as desired. Quick plug and play required no software to be loaded on your pc, like some advanced recorders?


  • MQ500 professional voice recorder.
  • Charging lead.
  • UK power Plug.
  • Operation manual.

Please view our covert spy watch for audio recording.

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Tech Specs

  • 18 Meters recording range.
  • 60db microphone with SVOS voice technology.
  • long battery life.
  • Automatic voice-activated recording.
  • SVOS voice isolation technology.
  • 576-hour memory (16GB).
  • 150-day record in voice-activated mode.
  • High-sensitivity 60db Speech EQ™ microphone.
  • Date & time stamp.
  • Windows & Mac compatible.
  • Functional USB charger.
  • High-strength magnet.
  • Fast charge with any USB port.

MQ500 Includes

  • Powerful rare-earth magnet, and date and time stamp.
  • Law compliant (court & evidence admissibility).
  • VR-500 Long-Battery Voice Recorder (16 GB).
  • High-strength magnet.
  • USB connect cable for charging and data transfer.
  • Manual.

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MQ500 professional voice recorder


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MQ500 professional voice recorder.
MQ500 professional voice recorder

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