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MQ350 Voice recorder with a huge recording stand by time.

The MQ350 Voice recorder looks and operates, just like an ordinary USB flash drive but conceals an ultra-sensitive microphone and powerful amplifier that captures voice conversations up to 12 meters away.

The MQ350 Voice recorder has a colossal recording capability.

The spy recording device records up to 16 hours of audio sounds and conversations. The spy device starts recording automatically as soon as it hears sounds. The standby will range up to 25-day standby on one charge.

This small but mighty voice recorder stores a whopping 288 hours of crystal clear audio, and records automatically so you won’t miss any crucial bits of the conversations.

MQ350 Voice recorder automatic sound recording.

Our MQ350 Voice recorder has just one switch, disguised as a functional lanyard loop. To start recording in continuous mode, rotate the control towards the marker. For voice-activated recording, turn the switch towards the three small dots. Plug the MQ350 into any Mac or Windows computer for instant access to the audio.

Instant record activation pressing the start buttons, for covert operation. It is not always easy to start a recording device at the right time.


  • MQ350 recording device.
  • Power lead.
  • UK Plug.
  • Operating manual.

Swivel camera for covert video applications.


Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Discreet no visible buttons, completely silent
  • Long-range microphone for clear voice recordings up to 50 feet away
  • SVOS voice-activation or use continuous record mode
  • 2 to 16 hours of voice recording storage
  • 25-day battery life in Voice-Activated mode
  • Time & date stamp for legal admissibility 
  • Mac & Windows compatible (USB)
  • Professional-grade voice recorder
  • Discreet silent, fully-automatic
  • Capacity Records up to 288 hours.

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Pro voice activated recorder MQ350 covert voice surveillance device


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MQ350 voice activated recorder.
Pro voice activated recorder MQ350 covert voice surveillance device

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