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Covert spy camera hidden in the tip of a wood screw.

The covert spy camera, and your smartphone are together create a spy video system. Hidden in the tip of the screw, and hard to spot, excellent choice for beginners or professionals.

Ideal for secret filming, Covert spy camera works with Android smartphone, so it utilises the phone as a recorder. Set the screw into any item, facing the area you want to record, and connect the camera. Now you have a cover spy camera recording everything in the area with HD quality video.

New generation of covert spy cameras.

The revolutionary camera represents some of the new spy products coming out that help you save lots of money.
Using a smartphone as the recording device is resourceful and costs a fraction of a body worn DVR and covert cam.

The lead plugs directly into any smartphone with a micro USB port. Both ports are supported on Android phones (USB-C-Type) and micro USB. Standard converter plugs come in the set.

DVR recording on any phone.

Turn your smartphone into a spy recorder with digital video and audio. Once plugged into your phone, quality video and audio is sent directly to the smartphone. Playback the recorded footage at any time on your phone or computer, like a regular recording DVR.

Low cost with high performance.

Why spend money on covert cameras when you can have a high definition quality camera using a smartphone. Ideal for private detectives, and businesses, capture thieves secretly record them for the proof you need.


  • Spy camera.
  • Universal Android connectors.
  • Instructions.
  • Phone application.

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Tech Specs

  • Image: 1.0MP 720P HD.
  • Format : 30 frames.
  • Cable: 1 mester.
  • Video resolution: 1920*720P.
  • Camera size: 15 x 15 x 18mm.
  • Lens: 3.6mm.
  • Angle: 60 degree.
  • Pictures format: JPEG.
  • Video format: mp4.
  • Free phone application.
  • Android.

Operating instructions

QR download code

  • Refer to the instruction booklet in the box.
  • Scan the QR code above with your phone’s camera.
  • Download the APK file.
  • Click the file and load the application APK file.
  • Navigate to the file in your Android phone.
  • Click and Install the APK file.

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There was a mini style usb converter in the box great thanks. yes works very good.

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Covert spy camera screw head


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Hidden spy camera in a screw
Covert spy camera screw head

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