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Covert spy camera purse with true 4K video for covert filming.

Our covert spy camera purse records video in true 4K resolution, so its ideal for any occasion. Stylish and effective, the spy camera purse comes in three quality designs. Available in brown, blue checker and black leather. The pinhole camera location at end end of the purse, is ideal so the the camera captures all the action.

Covert spy camera purse hidden battery.

The battery, secreted inside the bags center partition, allows rest of the purse to be use in the regular way. Hold credit cards and notes in the purse for extra observation and a natural look. The purse has a center partition with zipper access, when required.

Hidden portable spy camera purse design.

The camera purse will fool most onlookers with its sleek design, and the camera is almost impossible to spot. This hidden recording system is ideal for mystery shoppers and honey trap tasks. The camera bag has good build quality and electronics are secreted nicely into the pouch. Covert and hard to spot, ideal for private investigators and all covert users.

Power supply & charging the covert spy camera.

The battery is located in the center partition of the covert spy camera purse hidden away from prying eyes by the zipper, so it’s not easy to spot if the purse is opened. The purse hold money, and credit cards in the regular way, so it looks normal. The purse looks normal in every way, giving onlookers a realistic view without heightening suspicion.

Long power standby.

Battery performance is excellent and supports recording for a colossal 15 hours. Charging time is low in comparison to recording time. The covert spy camera purse has a standard mini use lead, plugs into any PC or USB for recharging the batteries. With all the sophisticated electronics inside, the purse still feels very light and genuine, so its not a burden to carry.

covert spy camera purse video Playback.

Simple video playback is achieved directly on your PC, plug the purse into any USB port on your computer. View recorded footage in 4K clarity, moreover viewing live video and historical video is accessible over WIFI, directly to your phone.

WIFI connectivity

The spy purse has WIFI built into it, So a subject carries the purse while you view live within WIFI range, on your mobile phone. Ideal for honey trap scenarios or spot surveillance, as a team can monitoring you live during the action. With the added recording function, you will be sure to capture all the evidence, as well as having support from others during the event.

Video storage.

Video is saved on an SD card, the fitting for the card is under the zipper inside the purse, ideal for easy access. The spy device takes a colossal 128Mb SD / TF card, so your not going to run out of storage? Featuring quick swap and format as standard, there’s bags of storage space for any mission!


  • Spy purse.
  • Charging lead.
  • Instructions.

Please see our covert camera clock spy camera.


Spycraft UK

SD card

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Tech Specs

  • Memory card capacity: 128 Mb.
  • High definition video 1080P
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • Wireless wifi capability.
  • Ture P2P support.
  • Video view: Phone & PC.
  • Camera angle: 90 degrees.
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh.
  • Weight: 340g.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 22cm.
  • Battery working time: 15 hours.
  • Motion detection recording.

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Crisp video its so clear and long recording time super.


Wonderful, Not quite as nice an my genuine version lol. OK thank you for your help. Best, Penelope.

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Covert spy camera purse with 4K video.
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