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Guardian child tracking wristwatch, fun for them & security for you.

The Guardian child tracking wristwatch is perfect for monitoring the location of your child at any time from your phone. Compatible with Apple and Android phones. The child can have great fun with the watch too, and also communicate directly with you by video or voice call.

child tracking wristwatch
  • Waterproof fully submerged.
  • WIFI capability
  • 4G mobile network
  • Facetime calling on Android apps.
  • Secure phone number programming.
  • Free application, no monthly fee.
  • Global coverage.
  • Easy settings menu.
  • Simple programming.
  • Up to 5 days standby.

The watch has games pre loaded, so the child can have fun & learn too. Tracking is a great security feature, and actioned by you at any time through your phone app. Installation of the application is straightforward and it’s free to use.

Child tracking wristwatch Video calling.

Communicating with your child during the video call is fun, moreover it helps them want to wear the watch. Available in pink or blue designs, so there’s an option for girls or boys. The GPS tracking element is hidden from the child and controlled by you. The watch can only make a call to your programmed numbers, designated in the application on your phone.

No others can program a number into the child safety tracking device and no other number can call out from the watch. The app controls all aspects of the watch, so good for security and child safety. The watch is fully certified with safety standards RoHS & CE certification important for children’s safety.

The child tracking wristwatch is waterproof and durable.

Whether they’re playing around the swimming pool or getting up to mischief, as children do? The child tracking wristwatch is waterproof, so they can jump in and out of the pool without having to remove the watch. Please note the wrist watch is not for deep divers, but OK fully submerged in a domestic swimming pool down to two meters.

Guardian child tracking wristwatch app.

The tracking application works well with all Android and iPhones. The child tracking wristwatch ensures you can monitor the location of your child should they become lost, or for any other reason. Location tracking is actioned by the application on your smartphone.

The child tracking wristwatch connects to your phone using a security app, so only you or your spouse can track the watch. This security feature stops unauthorised people from accessing the location of the watch, and tracking your child.

Video calling, great fun for your child.

Children love to get surprised by a call from Mum or Dad. Calling the watch opens the video stream so the child can see you and communicate directly with you. Using the watches features requires data, so we the sim card plus 1GB of data, with the watch.

You can however just purchase the watch without our a sim card and do it yourself. (Video calling uses data) if you’re not video calling over wifi. Please ensure the sim card has credit for video calling and tracking.

Pay As You Go, Sim card included.

  • Pay as you go sim card with a data bundle.
    We load the watch with a 4G sim card usually on the THREE or EE networks, & add your designated data bundle.

Guardian child safe watch typical uses.

  • Tracking your child’s location.
  • Finding your child if they become lost.
  • Talk to your child live.
  • SOS alert button.
  • Video calling your child live (WIFI and over 4G)
  • Holiday security by the pool or on the beach. (Fully waterproof)
  • Monitoring your child on a school trip.
  • Safety at nursery or local events
  • Great for child confidence and general fun too.
  • Please see the tab below “more information” for specifications.

Battery power & recharging.

The watch has a magnetic charging dock making recharging the battery quick and easy. The watch attaches to the doc magnetically and takes approximately three hours to fully charge the 680mAh battery. On a full charge the watch will stand by for up to 4 days perfect for any application.


  • Tracking wrist watch.
  • Charging lead.
  • Sim card (Pre installed)
  • Instructions and phone application.

See our dedicated tracking device options & Demo.

Weight 0.1 kg

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Sim card

, ,

Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: GSM 4G Lte (Smart Angel new full Netcom 4G)
  • Unlocked: takes most common sim card types.
  • HD video call, high definition.
  • Interactive child robot AI.
  • Fully waterproof (1.5 meters)
  • GPS, WiFi, LBS, camera positioning.
  • RDP inertia.
  • Accelerometer sensor.
  • Gravity sensing.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Battery capacity: 5,680 mAh.
  • Supported languages: Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Thai.
  • Material: Plastic + Silicone.
  • Touch screen.
  • Screen size: 1.44.
  • Appearance size: 1.54.
  • Product weight: 52g.
  • Child age recommendations: 4 to 7 plus.
  • Memory: 518M.
  • Camera: 1.3MP.
  • Wireless range: 10m.
  • SOS button.

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