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Body worn spy camera hidden in a shirt button, plugs into your Android phone as a surveillance set.

The body worn spy camera connects to your smartphone for secret video filming. The covert camera is disguised in the shirt button. A great choice for good quality covert camera tasks. Save money, by utilising your mobile phone, as a DVR recorder, perfect.

The spy camera is located in the centre of the button, so it’s not obvious to onlookers, making the cam ideal for covert filming. The camera is powered by your phone’s battery through the charging port. Video footage is saved to the phone’s storage in real time.

New technology body worn spy camera.

Our revolutionary button camera represents a new wave of streamlined technology that has emerged for body spy cameras. This new technology offers you a lower cost solution. In comparison, a good quality button camera and body DVR would cost between £200 – £600. Our body worn button camera costs much less and offers high definition recording.

body worn spy camera

Just add your android phone?

  • HD quality video.
  • Audio microphone.
  • Free application for android.
  • Powered by the phone’s battery output.
  • Long term recording capability.
  • long cable for body fitting.

Body worn spy camera connectivity.

The camera lead plugs directly into any Android smartphone with a micro USB port. The set also comes with a converter enabling the connector to fit android C-type or micro USB power ports. You can also purchase additional connectors, if required? from any good retail phone shop.

Wearable spy camera solution.

Turning your smartphone into a digital spy video recorder offers advantages, for example, you don’t need to carry a separate DVR unit? The capture video is saved securely in your smartphone, so it can not be viewed without the password required to open your phone.

Works with most Android phones.

The camera fits all Android phone types and works with most of them seamlessly. You can use any Android phone that will fit our spy camera, should you not want to use your own phone.

Body worn spy camera versus price.

Why spend lots of money on spy video equipment? when you can have a HD quality body worn spy camera that works with your phone as the recorder. Your phone is the DVR storage system, so you don’t have to consider purchasing any further recording equipment. Perfect for private detectives, mystery shoppers and anyone who required covert filming with our hidden shirt button camera.


  • Cloths button spy camera.
  • Operating manual.
  • USB converters.
  • Free phone app.

See our covert camera for Android.

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Tech Specs

  • Specifications.

    • Imaging: HD – 0MP – 720P.
    • Rate 30 frames.
    • Cable one meter.
    • Video resolution 1920*720P.
    • Camera size: 15mm*15mm*18mm.
    • Lens: 3.6mm.
    • Camera angle: 60 degrees.
    • Pictures format: JPEG.
    • Video format: mp4.
    • Smartphone Android 4.4 and above.

Operating instructions

QR download code

  • Refer to the instruction booklet in the box.
  • Scan the QR code above with your phone’s camera.
  • Download the APK file.
  • Click the file and load the application APK file.
  • Navigate to the file in your Android phone.
  • Click and Install the APK file.

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body worn spy camera


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Body worn spy camera for your mobile phone
body worn spy camera

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