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Extreme surveillance phone that shows the spy master everything the user does.

The Android surveillance phone is a full surveillance smartphone with extreme monitoring capability. Ideal for catching out a cheating spouse or protecting children on the internet. Would you like to view everything your target user is doing on their phone without them knowing?

See all the useful content remotely in comfort like you looking at the phone screen.

Android surveillance phone package.

The phone provides extreme surveillance monitoring for acquiring maximum intelligence and data in all the common areas. The system is also ideal for protecting vulnerable young people. The Spy phone is ideal for monitoring children, to ensure they are not bullied or chatting to unknown internet strangers?

You see everything with the spy phone system.

It’s almost like you’re looking at the phone screen in real-time. Watch live & see everything the user does. The phone data is viewed online through a private portal. View all the conventional chat history and lots more. See below the comprehensive list of messengers and items that the Android surveillance phone covers.

android surveillance phone

Location monitoring.

The Android surveillance phone has a very accurate tracking component built into the system. The phone’s location is updated every minute and the position is shown in your mapping portal, so you track the location of the phone in real-time and can see the phones location.

Spy phone deployment.

You can opt to look through the phone’s camera remotely, so you have a choice to see through the front or rear cameras like you where in the room.

Record the audio through the phone’s microphone and listen in. It’s all there for you at the click of a mouse button easy-to-use there is no technical stuff for you to juggle or break.

incredible performance.

You will not believe the performance of this total spy phone, prepare yourself for the incredible. The phone is pre-installed and ready, give it to your subject and then log into the portal to see everything they do.

All phones have a pay as you go sim card already installed. Please select the preferred sim provider above. The spy software is not affected by sim card changes. All phones take any sim card and work on any network.

Android surveillance phone & bespoke creation.

Please note that our Android Spy phone is available in many different handset models. Please get in touch if you have a specific handset model you need, we can then discuss and create the product for you. Typical lead time for creating is 3 days. We may have to get the hand set in for you if we do not have a brand new model in stock.


  • Android surveillance phone.
  • Sim cards.
  • Spy software (Pre-installed|)
  • Chargers & lead.
  • Online account portal.

Spy phone for less, see our Nokia ghost phone.

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Android surveillance phone Samsung J6


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Android surveillance phone.
Android surveillance phone Samsung J6

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