Spy equipment

Spy equipment

Spy equipment and surveillance electronics. 

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Recording devices are the most popular – and among the most useful – types of surveillance equipment.
You might think that hidden cameras are best for maintaining security and safety, as well as catching people in illegal or undesirable acts, but it’s actually voice and sound recordings that are the most useful and revealing. Cameras are effective, but of course they only tell part of the story; staff could appear to be working normally, but may be discussing plans to skim money from the till, for example. Only a sound recording would pick this up.

Recorders are more discreet and effective than ever
Sound recording devices used to be bulky, heavy and inconvenient; they also needed tapes, which needed to be replaced regularly. Advances in technology in recent years have seen smaller, more discreet and much more powerful devices become available. This shrinking in size allows the devices to be placed or incorporated into everyday household or workplace objects, like a power socket or even a memory stick.

Listening and recording devices aren’t always “sneaky”
People may imagine that a hidden sound recording device might be used to catch out a cheating partner or a dishonest employee, but they can also be used for positive purposes like training or even as a memory aid.
Many employers use covert recording devices when new staff are being trained so that they act naturally and spontaneously. If they’re making errors, then these can be picked up and further training given. Other people use their recording devices as a dictation tool so they can send themselves spoken reminders and notes as they work.

When to use your recording device for security
The primary use for recording devices, however, is for investigations and evidence gathering. Sadly enough, fraud and theft in the workplace is on the rise, but it’s hardly likely to be committed right under your nose. The only sensible solution here is to install a discreet and hidden device to record conversations or statements related to fraudulent activity. It’s vital that no-one spots this device, if course, which is why today’s smaller and built-in recorders are so useful.
Another use for the smaller and more portable recording devices is for workplace bullying. If you’re on the receiving end of bullying and harassment at work then a “USB charger” or “memory stick” could be your best friend.

You can listen in from anywhere in the world
Some spy devices will let you record or listen in remotely, from anywhere. There are some GSM-networked bugging devices that are easy to use from wherever you are. All you have to do is call the device from your mobile phone, which activates the microphone, allowing you to listen in on all the conversations and action in that area. This is especially useful if you suspect your spouse is cheating.
Some devices will call you back as soon as there’s any sound in the area you have under surveillance. This sort of device also doubles as an alarm, so if you’re on holiday and therefore not expecting any noise, voices or movement, you’ll be alerted immediately, enabling you to call the police even if you’re on the other side of the world.