Spy Equipment & Surveillance

Hidden voice recorders can come in many different forms


  • GSM based
  • Radio based
  • MP3 based
  • Burst based
  • Vox based
  • Covert based
We can customise any types of audio device. There are many suppliers online who import cheap electronics from the Far East & re sell in the UK, it’s a saturated market.
we also supply low end spy electronics imported from the far east. But we specialize in custom electronics for professionals and high end systems for people who don't 
want to take risks with cheap imports. Often you only get one chance to capture secretive audio, don't spend that window of opportunity with a cheap imported product unless 
you know exactly how its going to perform.
The difference between cheap imported electronics and good quality spy devices is vast, as is the price. 
Dealers from all over the world exploit this price gap and often try and sell you cheap imports for a high price. If your not sure that your current supplier is selling
you the real product at the right price then purchase from us, we have been in this industry for 25 years & our reputation is second to none.
We have a selection of easy to use security bugging equipment that could be used by private investigations personnel, corporate organizations, VIP's & beginners or people with no 
electronic surveillance experience. Our GSM based bugs work similar to a mobile phone. Simply dial into the unit & listen to the area audio or use a voice activated unit to alert 
you as soon as audio is picked up. All products are very easy to use. most of the equipment is ready to use as soon as it is taken out of the box, all systems will take most mobile
phone providers sim cards, P.A.Y.G or contract. If you cannot view or buy an item then it may be restricted for delivery in the UK or EU, contact us for more details, All the spy products 
on show here are designed and sold for security purposes.