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Magic spy wand detector, with laser powered viewer.

Like a magic wand, this bug detector is slim and compact, it seeks out a multitude of spy devices. Detects FM bugs and GSM bugging devices, alike. Spot hidden camera lenses with a laser powered lens finder, included in the package. The spy wand detector instantly finds hidden camera lenses, with the viewfinder. Please note this device utilises a laser rather than infrared.

Small & powerful.

  • GSM signals.
  • 2G 3G 4G.
  • Radio signals.
  • Infrared spy cam scanner.

Spy wand detector vibration mode.

The spy detector offers three alerts modes, vibration, and visual LED notification, when displaying acquired transmissions. The counter surveillance device offers a variety of options to find different types of spy devices, hidden or otherwise.

Spy wand detector detachable laser.

The bug detector has a laser probe attachment, the camera finder clips onto the top of the detector.  Having a bug detector shaped like a pen is useful for concealed detection. Use the covert mode without the camera lens finder, get vibration notifications on signal detection.

Body worn signal detection.

The spy wand detector has a covert mode, ideal for body worn bug sweeping. EG if you were meeting somebody who’s bugged and transmitting a signal to others. The detector would alert you to the fact, as soon as their transmission is present.

A typical 4G body camera for live surveillance tasks.

GSM body worn surveillance camera

How it works?

A subject meets the target, whilst streams live footage to a team, who could be anywhere in the world. Our magic spy wand alerts you by vibrating as soon as the signal is present. Transmissions travel over the mobile phone network, easy and fast.

Magnatisam detector with inspection light.

Most hidden car trackers are magnetic, some surveillance bugs are magnetic too. Searching for such devices can be difficult, especially if the spy device is hidden or discussed. The magnetic detector reveals ionised magnetic fields, clarifying that a suspicious object could in fact be a magnetic car tracker.

Easy detection adjustment.

Detecting radio signals can sometimes be difficult in a busy environment, the spy wand has signal strength attenuation. The device also benefits from AI technology. The magic wand inbuilt AI chip technology to eliminate false signal triggers, like those found in the general radio wave environment.


  • Magic wand detector.
  • Charging lead.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Infrared strobe viewer. (Camera attachment)

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Weight 0.1 kg

Tech Specs

  • RF frequency range 100mhz-8ghz.
  • Detection dynamic range>73DB.
  • Detection sensitivity ≤0.03mv.
  • RF detection range 10 Square meters.
  • Signal in mobile phone frequency band 2G,3G and 4G.
  • Power supply Built-in 3.7V 300mA polymer lithium battery.
  • Magnetic filed detection.
  • Highly sensitive magnetic sensing probe; detection distance within 10CM.
  • Lens detection Infrared laser scanning detection distance of 0.1-5meters.
  • Auxiliary lighting.
  • Flashlight function.
  • Alarm mode Mute/vibration/intensity LED visible.
  • Volume control.
  • Size 138*16.5*16.5mm.
  • Material Plastic(PC+ABS)
  • Weight 28G
  • Charging Power DC5V/1A
  • Operating power more than 5 hours, depending on the function activated.

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In one word AMAZING. Does exactly as described, easy to use and very effective. I will never use another product again. Customer service was very helpful in giving advice on what to use. Thanks!

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spy detector wand

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Spy wand detector
spy detector wand

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