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Best value professional bug detector PRO-SL8.

What constitutes a professional bug detector
& why do they cost substantially more?

The answer is found by looking at three key areas of the device.

  • Build quality.
  • Functionality.
  • Performance.
  • True capability.

PRO-SL8 bug detector.

The new PRO-SL8 bug detector is a professional wideband scanner capable of detecting radio signals up to 8GHz. The PRO-SL8 is small and compact, with excellent performance and high sensitivity. The menu couldn’t be simpler to operate, let’s not forget the fantastic build quality of this electronic device detector.

New features include a stunning OLED display with wideband radio signal processing capability. The professional PRO-SL8 bug detector offers the user automated features, covering many radio frequencies used by bugging devices.

Suitable detector for amateurs & professionals.

Professional security personnel quickly understand how to use the PRO-SL8 bug detector device. Scanning is automated and thorough, covering bugging frequencies emitted by GSM bugging devices. Beginners will also find the device very user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a professional to understand and use the bug detector. Moreover, most people are able to understand the function of the detector.

The PRO-SL8 bug detector tiny in size.

Most professional bug detectors cost a lot more money, like two or three times the price of the PRO-SL8. The PRO-SL8 costs substantially less than some professional counter surveillance devices. Relative is the fact that the detector is part of our professional range. Moreover, the difference between professional bug detectors and basic bug detectors is vastly different in many ways.

Obviously components in the device make the product better in general. The PRO-SL8 is a professional device, to sum up in short, you are buying the best professional bug detector for the price.

For example, if you buy a professional bug detector for £3500 upwards, you might expect premium scanning performance, you get professional scanning performance from the PRO-SL8 and it costs substantially less than the other professional bug detectors.


  • PRO-SL8 detector.
  • Global Charging set.
  • Military flight case.
  • Instructions.
  • Earphones.

Please see our alternative budget detector.

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JJN, Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • Ultra Wide Frequency response 0 – 8 GHz.
  • Built in Frequency Counter 0 – 6 GHz.
  • Ultra Sensitive – Detects signals from up to 10 metres.
  • Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detect for GPS Trackers.
  • OLED Display for ultimate clarity in all lighting conditions.
  • Audio Demodulation – Listen to detected signals.
  • Silent Vibrate & Beep Modes for Signal Strength.
  • Machined Aluminium enclosure for ultimate durability.
  • Antenna Connector MCX Socket – 50 Ohm.
  • Input Frequency Range 1MHz – 8000MHz (8 GHz).
  • Sensitivity 100MHz -42 dBm 200MHz -42 dBm 500MHz -42 dBm 1GHz -44 dBm 2GHz -46 dBm 5GHz -42 dBm 8Ghz -40 dBm.
  • Frequency Counter 100 MHz to 6000MHz (6 GHz).
  • Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio -30dBm (measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz).
  • Audio Frequency Response 400Hz – 5kHz +/-2dB.
  • Display OLED High Contrast Graphic Display.
  • Battery Internal 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable.
  • Operating Duration –6 hours.
  • Charge Time – up to 4 hours.
  • Operating Temperature Range -15 – +50 degrees C – Relative Humidity < 90%..
  • Dimensions 126 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm.
  • Weight 200 g – Main Unit.
  • Signal Processing and Control RISC Based Microcontroller.

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PRO-SL8 bug detector


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PRO-SL8 Professional bug detector
PRO-SL8 bug detector

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