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Premium Infrared spy camera scanner.

Our special Infrared spy camera scanner pinpoints hidden camera lenses in real time. Utilising an infrared strobe, the device highlights the camera lenses enabling you to see the camera. The camera detector shows the exact location of the camera lenses, wired or wireless.

This device stops people and spy cameras from secretly filming you. Secret pinhole spy cameras show up, instantly exposed whether they are wireless or wired professionally.

Operating principle.

The operating principle of the spy camera scanner uses light, so the light flares reflected by a hidden camera show through the director’s viewfinder. The Infrared spy camera scanner emits a powerful red spectrum luminous flux. Once the flux emitted, comes into contact with the hidden camera lens, it will brightly illuminate the actual camera lens.

There are four green LEDs on the front of the detector; the LEDs serve as an indicator, making it possible to detect near-field hidden cameras more effectively. This function is unique and not found on any cheap infrared scanner. The device has a battery level indication and protection from thermal overload.

The battery level shows up by the number of LEDs on the back of the device. As a result, you always know the time you should start recharging the battery. The rechargeable battery has thermal overload protection.

How does it work?

The Infrared spy camera scanner is straightforward to use. You don’t need any unique or professional skills to use it. Just turn the device on and inspect the room looking through the display of the viewfinder built into the machine. The flashing LEDs implement the detection process of wired and wireless hidden cameras.

Any hidden spy camera lens will show up as a bright light spot. If you use your device correctly, it will detect all the cameras, both wired or wireless. Useful tip. Taking into account that the optimal detection range does not exceed 20 metres, a hidden camera may be revealed only when you are in the line of sight.


  • Spy camera detector.
  • Charging lead.
  • UK Power plug.
  • Instruction manual.

EMF bug detector, camera hunter & signal detector

Weight 0.1 kg

i4 Technology, Spycraft UK

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Infrared spy camera scanner finds hidden cameras

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Infrared spy camera scanner.
Infrared spy camera scanner finds hidden cameras

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