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Wireless credit card blocker.

The wireless credit card blocker stops thieves stealing your money and data. Tap and pay is convenient, but also opens the door to theft. With modern convenience comes the modern criminality, to harvest an opportunity.

Criminals with modified card reading machines are stealing payment of people’s credit cards without them being aware of the transactions. That’s why we have a card blocker, to stop criminals covertly stealing money from your card.

Card scanning range.

Credit cards have a short-range wireless field, just enough range for card readers to authorize the sale. The primary machines have an inductance range requiring credit cards to touched close on the base of the devices to scan.

The criminal machines are amplified and have a wireless range of up two meters. Meaning somebody could walk past you and scan your card without you knowing.

Using the credit card blocker.

Your credit cards hold lots of details about you, and data theft can also be costly too. Protecting your credit card is simple with our credit card blocker. Sliding your credit card into the bag, disables wireless payment. Should you want to use the wireless RF on your card, slide the card out and tap to pay as usual, simple effective protection?


  • Wireless card blocker slip.
  • Simple instructions.
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wireless credit card blocker


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wireless credit card blocker (Protect your card).
wireless credit card blocker

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