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Car key radio blocker security safety pouch.

The car key radio blocker is a safety pouch that stops thieves from stealing your car. The wireless signal used to open and start your car is blocked by the bag. Electromagnetic blocking material stops the radio signal transmitting, so keyless car functions are not possible.

How does wireless cloning work?

There are several methods for stealing a car, one of the most common is radio key cloning from close by. The process is achieved by approaching the property and copying the radio signal transmitting from your car key. The technique works by scanning from our side the property.

car key cloning diagram

Car key radio frequency is scanned & acquired.

Thieves retransmit the signal to the cars receptors gaining access into the car and starting the engine. Usually, a wireless car key needs to be relatively close to the car door to work.

But technical car thieves have amplified scanners that probe the key’s wireless signal from outside the property. The car key safety pouch stops all cloning systems from scanning the frequency of the car key. Provided the car key is inside the Safety pouch.

Car key radio blocker anti tracking bag.

As you are aware, most high-end cars usually have wireless door entry systems which also start the engine start. This feature is excellent and provides you with comfort and luxury. But the wireless signal from the key makes the system vulnerable to theft.

Manufacturers have reduced the dynamic range of wireless entry, but it is still possible to copy the sign with the right equipment. Once the signal is acquired the car door can be opened, and the engine started. Your original car key can still be in your home as your car drives off. We all love luxury, but there is always an added risk, with wireless entry systems.

Using the car key radio blocker safety pouch.

The car keys are placed into the car key radio blocker safety pouch, now the keys can not work to open the car door or start the car’s engine. Simple to use and 100% effective.

Typical uses.

  • Block wireless signals.
  • Protection from cloning.
  • Car wireless entry blocking.
  • Accidental remote control activation.
  • Home transponder protection.
  • Home door entry protection.

Please also see our cell phone pouch for protection of your mobile phone.

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Car key safety pouch


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Car key safety pouch protects wireless car keys.
Car key safety pouch

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