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Anti tracking smartphone bag stops your phone being tracked.

Our Anti tracking smartphone bag is designed to stop frequencies emanating from your handset, Eliminating spy tracking systems. Once your phone is inside the bag, it will be isolated from the network stopping the phone from connecting. It is not possible to receive calls or track your phone once the phone is in the correct compartment of the phone bag.

Anti tracking bag stops GPS tracking systems.

The Anti tracking bag has two compartments inside it, one side allows the phone to work normally.

The covert side disconnects the phone from the network. So the phone becomes blocked from the cell network eliminating mobile phone tracking systems. The anti-tracking smartphone bag is suitable for many different types of electronic security.

Anti tracking bag for smartphones.

The Anti tracking bag renders spy phone tracking useless and stops network surveillance systems from working. No phone calls are possible while in the bag, callers will receive a standard message. “Sorry the phone you are calling cannot connect at this time, please try again later.” Rather than a standard message if a phone is turned off “Sorry, the phone you are calling is switched off.”

As you might see, there are a variety of uses for the phone pouch, outside of anti tracking functions.

Typical uses.

  • Stop tracking systems from following your phone.
  • Delivery an out of service message, rather than phone turned off.
  • Deter nuisance callers from ringing your phone.
  • Eliminate digital footprints on the cell network.
  • Disable spy phone software.

Are you being stalked or tracked?

View our Nokia security phone.

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Anti tracking smartphone bag

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Anti tracking smartphone bag.
Anti tracking smartphone bag

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