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Bug detector Pro-4000.

The bug detector Pro-4000 is an entry-level pocket bug detector. Custom designed to detect and locate covert bugging devices. The design & functionality make this unit simple to use. With a true frequency range of 1 to 4800 Mhz (4.8Ghz), and sensitivity that other bug detectors rarely come close.

The detector locates all types of radio transmitters & bugging devices. These include UHF transmitters or bugs, mains powered bugs, telephone bugs, video transmitters and walkie talkies.

bug detector Pro-4000 visual LED notification.

The ten bar LED, barograph display indicates the signal strength, along with an audible beep tone that increases, as you get closer to a detected signal.

Bug detector with audible demodulation.

Once you receive a suspect signal the PRO-4000 oferes de modulation, so you hear the signal content through the headphones. You can use the ‘Demodulation’ facility to identify whether the device is transmitting room audio or not.


  • PRO-4000 detector.
  • Batteries (Included).
  • Whip antenna.
  • Instructions.
  • Case.

Bug detector, on a budget, 5G bug detector fantastic performance for debugging & general counter surveillance.

Weight 0.01 kg

JJN, Spycraft UK

Tech Specs


  • 4.8 GHz Wide Frequency Response
  • High Sensitivity to locate the weakest signals
  • Audible Signal Strength ‘Beep’
  • Audio Demodulation
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Flexible ‘whip’ Antenna

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bug detector


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Pro4000 bug detector.
bug detector

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